Win a Dream Holiday – XL Sandown Travel

In May 2016, ATKASA launched the Win a Dream Holiday campaign for Sandown Travel. With this competition entrants stood a chance of winning a 7-Night stay at the 5-Star Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa Resort, with two Economy Class Return Tickets and Taxes from Air Mauritius included.

Entrants had until 31 December to submit their entries to win this R90 000 prize. The winner was drawn on 31 January 2017.
This campaign served the purpose of building a database of potential clients, boosting engagement online and pushing feet through their Concept Store in Sandton City.

The successful achievement of these objectives was made possible by the way in which entrants had to submit their entry.
XL Sandown Travel has partnered with Beachcomber and Air Mauritius to ensure the best possible prize for this competition.
The two entry methods were either through the online landing page or from the screen installed in the concept store. Furthermore, entrants could earn extra entries increasing their chances of winning. The Competition page was pinned to the top of Sandown’s social media pages and regular posts were published to remind visitors to enter.

To successfully enter, entrants had to fill in their details on the competition page and share the pinned post on Facebook or re-tweet the pinned tweet on twitter.

They could also enter and earn double entries by entering in-store. After sharing the pinned post, entrants had to enter the competition via the Competition page on the interactive screen in the Concept Store.

These entrants were asked to take their best holiday selfie in-store and post it to social media, using the specific hashtag and mentioning XL Sandown Travel.

Bonus entries were granted to those entrants who booked any trip, flight or accommodation with the Concept Store to the value of R5000 or more.

This competition garnered a few thousand entries and tonnes of engagement to their social media pages in the first few weeks.

Greyhound/ Citiliner Spring Fiesta

Greyhound and Citiliner’s marketing is all about brand awareness, reputation management, and audience engagement. Thus, with Spring approaching, we aimed at brightening their passengers’ lives with discounts and free tickets.

The Spring Fiesta campaign that was launched on 1 September 2016, was two-fold. Firstly, passengers could win prizes by sitting on the Sizzling Hot Mystery Seat. Certain seat numbers on both Greyhound and Citiliner were selected prior to the launch of the campaign.

Whoever found themselves on a Mystery Seat on 1 September on either a Greyhound or Citiliner bus won discount vouchers and free tickets.

To further aid brand engagement online, passengers could win discount vouchers and free tickets by posting their Spring Fiesta Selfie to either brands’ Facebook or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #GreyhoundSpringFiesta or #CitilinerSpringFiesta respectively.

This entire initiative attracted loads of engagement from passengers and the Spring Spirit was evident. Happy passenger selfies, selfies of appreciative passengers with their vouchers and pictures in general were shared online that day.

Fred Astaire Swing Into Spring 2016

ATKASA client, Fred Astaire Roodepoort was looking for new ways to sign up new students. Our solution? Heaps of free lessons, two lead pages, specific targeting through the local press and insightful information into dancing and its benefits.

The Swing into Spring campaign as it was titled, not so much targeted at people interested in signing up for dance lessons as it was at people living in Roodepoort, where the studio is situated. We decided to take the approach of educating the community on dancing and its benefits and subsequently creating a need for a dance studio in the community.

The local Press, Roodepoort Record’s online news site was recruited where we had published informational content in article format among their regular news. At the same time – on the day of the physical newspapers distribution – we had taken over the news page with advertising for the same campaign. This meant that whoever clicked on a news story sent out by the publication, would be exposed to our ad.

Once clicked, this redirected to one of two rotating lead pages (one with the clear call to action and the other focusing on the health benefits of dancing) where potential students had to fill in their details to claim a free dance lesson.

These leads were then contacted by the studio and each person booked for their free lesson. This campaign served its purpose.

Bay One Gets Emojional

Emojis were taking over the world and we had to do something about it. What better to do than to have your audience choose the “face” of your company? We then had some fun with the chosen emoji to get our audience to interact with our brand. Our core objectives here were easy:

  • Database Growth
  • Social Media Growth
  • Generating interaction
  • Brand exposure

Our very skilled graphics department came up with a concept of 5 different emojis that the audience had to choose from. The emoji that got the most votes would win. But how would our audience benefit from this?

They would win a voucher, but they had to be one of the people to vote for the winning emoji. This was done by means of a random draw.

We then had another 4 weeks of fun with the winning emoji.

They had to find the emoji hidden among a bunch of Bay One products. Then they had to share the image with the competition hashtag. The more they interact, the better their chances of winning.

In the next week, we had the emoji hidden in the Facebook cover image. Participants had to then screenshot this and share the screenshot on social media with the competition hashtag.

Then the audience had to find the emoji among logos of the brands that the client stocks. They had to comment with their best caption and tag 5 friends. The best caption received a prize.

In the final leg of the competition the emoji was hidden on the Bay One website and the audience had to find the emojis. The page on the website had to be shared using social sharing and the winner was chosen by random draw as in stage 1.

Each winner received a R1000 voucher from Bay One for Africa.

In the first week the client received 138 entries.

Break Free 12-week Program

Author Ronel Harris employed ATKASA to handle the marketing of her book, Break Free in May 2016. Our to-do list for this project included creating her corporate identity, designing all branding, setting up and launching social media profiles (for Ronel and her brand respectively), building and publishing her websites, building a media contacts database of all media relevant to her brand, compiling and distributing press releases and much more. Once her usual setup (the items mentioned above) was dealt with, it was time to get creative and start building a following.

Although Ronel’s primary objective was selling as many copies of her book as possible, she wanted to progress to the level where she could host profitable workshops and even theatre plays themed around her book. To this, her brand had to be established within her target market and a loyal following had to be captured on a database.

What we had conceptualised to achieve this is a 12-week program for women who fall directly within Ronel’s intended target audience. We wrote this program according to the theme of Break Free and – with extensive research on the topic – made sure that it offered utmost value to women who were subject to abuse, poverty and other life struggles discussed in the book. What transpired was a program that – if followed correctly – could help the reader change her circumstances drastically during the course of its duration.

In a short time since the program had launched, we had successfully garnered 350 loyal followers of her program. These were all added to a database to which invitations to her events can be sent.

The official Break Free Facebook page now has a total of 4,459 likes.


Suzelle Diy, How to Wacky your Takkie – PNA

Mid 2016 ATKASA Digital Agency headed a collaborative campaign with South Africa’s YouTube sensation Suzelle DIY and PNA.

The creative synergy that has long been established between ATKASA and PNA saw the birth of How to Wacky your Takkie.

Suzulle DIY and her co-star Mariaan decorated a pair of takkies with PNA supplies and challenged consumers to do the same.

ATKASA created a platform for users to submit their creations and literally minutes after it hit social media the entries came pouring in.

The result:

  • 85 entries
  • 1.5K Reactions
  • 174K Facebook video views

A targeted Facebook campaign resulted in 901 new Likes for the client on Facebook with a R 0.56 cost per result statistic.

The overall brand exposure exceeded all expectation and PNA saw a notable increase in craft supplies bought by entrants.