Digital Marketing is a way for your business or brand to reach an audience that isn’t necessarily reachable through traditional marketing methods.

At ATKASA we have devised strategies and designed systems to maximise the effectiveness of Digital Marketing efforts. Full infrastructure integration means that we have a 360-degree view of our clients’ potential surroundings and thus have their brand covered from all angles; be it marketing, monitoring, PR or recognising potential business opportunities.

From a collection of small businesses and entrepreneurs to our diverse range of large corporate clients; the brands we represent have Digital Marketing infrastructure that gets results, is well managed, and professionally engaged on.

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Content Creation

They say content is king and thankfully that’s the only cliché you’ll get from our team of copywriters. If there’s a catchy phrase, our team will catch it first. If there’s a story to tell, we’ll craft it, package it and send it out to the people who matter most to your brand. Whether you need well-crafted additions to your blog, a press release or a fresh take on your ad or newsletter content, our team of writers are on it.

Graphic Design & Branding

You sell an outstanding service or product; it’s time that your brand catches up to that reputation. Our team can sculpt a brand which appeals to the senses with a talent that stretches to invites, banners and flyers amongst other things. See, our graphic design team doesn’t run after trends (their ‘All Stars’ would never make it) they create them.

Web Design and Hosting

If you’d like your website to rank on the first page of Google you had better have a website that impresses the thousands of visitors you’re likely going to attract. Our Graphic Design and Web Development teams have a way of syncing minds in order to design and build websites that implodes the minds of visitors. Would you like to shift your business and start earning online? Our team can develop e-Commerce sites as well.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Our social media team has the ability to reach people in places even Facebook didn’t know existed and coax them into supporting your business. With a combination of patience, analytics and skill, our Social Media managers can create content that attracts Likes, Shares and Re-Tweets faster than the cast of Final Destination attracts freak accidents.

Search Engine Optimisation

If your business is a forerunner in your industry, why isn’t it forerunning on Google? If there are keys lying about, our web development team and content writers will add words to it and create keywords that unlock SEO greatness. Allow us to play host to your website and increase your site visits by way of clever Search Engine Optimisation. Our people are masters at manipulating search engines. Just put them to the test.

There's more!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every service offered. If you are in need of a creative, strategy, or development service not shown here please don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions you may have.

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  • Within weeks my clients has received good response on their social media investment through ATKA Online Trading.

    Sonja Horn
    Sonja Horn
  • I have found the ATKA team to be professional, and to have the ability to promptly understand my requirements. They are, additionally courteous, respectful, and know the meaning and value of service. The team has been available each time I have been in need to contact them, never leaving me stranded.

    Mampho Brescia
    Mampho Brescia
  • During the past five years, our team has worked directly with ATKA SA - Cross Channel Marketing Specialist's, Leon Marinus, Operations Director of ATKA SA and his team on numerous online projects. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates.

    Emiel Crause
    Emiel Crause
  • Their enthusiastic and experienced team has been hosting our Social Media Platforms for a number of months and we managed to see our platforms moving into a very positive territory.

    Juan-Pierre Du Buisson
    Juan-Pierre Du Buisson
  • Atka SA has been a great fit for Clamber Club. Leon and the team have helped set us up on our social media platforms and provided us with the brilliant programme to manage all our social media posts. Their impeccable service and response time has assisted us in ensuring our email platform runs smoothly and effectively.

    Kate Alberda
    Kate Alberda
  • Leon at ATKSA provided us with a great service during our contract term with the company. Account Manager Bianca has always been ultra-professional and superb with meeting our timelines and providing reporting. Feedback given to ATKSA was always received well, acted on and subsequently delivered. It has been a pleasure working with this team!

    Sujatha Daniel McMurtrie
    Sujatha Daniel McMurtrie bay.one


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