How to drive more traffic to your blog

A blog provides people with a platform to express themselves and share their passion with others. For businesses, it’s a way to establish themselves as experts in the public eye and gain trust. This is all well, but what use is a blog that isn’t read? How do you gain more readers and subsequently more clients? Keep on reading as we have decided to share our 10 trick of the trade to drive more traffic to your blog.

  1. Write attention grabbing titles

Research has shown that using trigger words, such as money saving, secrets, tips etc. tends to entice people more. You can write a title in the form of a question wherein the article is the answer. Grabbing viewers’ attention with your title is a good foundation for driving more traffic to your blog.

  1. Put your social media pages to good use

Spread the word loud and proud. Post every new article on as wide a variety of social media platforms as possible. If you share quality, engaging content and build a relationship with your audience, you will end up with a steady, loyal flow of traffic to your blog.

  1. Write regularly

Try to write at least one post a month, preferable two or more if possible, so that your readers will have a reason to come back for more. Stay on top of the industry news and trends in your niche so that you write relevant and fresh content for your audience.

  1. Make use of images

No matter how good a writer you may be, sometimes a picture is just worth more words. Some people find articles more appealing with images included. Take travel articles for instance, people don’t only want to read about your adventures, they want to see it.

  1. Optimize, optimize, optimize

SEO is the fundamental tool that helps increase the visibility of your blog. Place strategic keywords in your article, tags of images and your links. This will all improve your Google page rank and with a little bit of effort each day, you will get to sit back and watch as your audience grows.

  1. Add social sharing buttons

Always give people the option to share your content on social media platforms. Think of this as virtual word of mouth, it is very effective.

  1. Write guest posts

Build links and bonds by contributing guest posts to other blogs in the same industry as your own. If that site has a decent sized audience, they are sure to follow you right to your blog only if you write something worthwhile to the reader.

  1. Make your articles easy and enjoyable to read

Write in such a way that your readers can relate. Never sound superior, don’t preach and never undermine your readers’ intellegiance. Break up your article into subheads and bullet points to make it easier to read. These should all ensure a 0% bounce rate.

  1. Give something away for free or hold a competition

E-books make great free giveaways. Put in some effort and write a guide to something, bundle or short stories or whatever may be relevant to your niche and give it away for free if people subscribe. Or you can hold a competition to attract more people to your blog.

  1. Invest in advertising

Just spending a few rands on boosting your article post on Facebook can generate anywhere from 300 to over a 1000 likes. The trick is just to get noticed and then keep them coming back for more. Bonus tip!

  1. Skip all of these steps and contact ATKA SA

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