The changes to Online & Social Media Marketing come 2014

So much has happened in the Social Media space in 2013 and so much more will change in 2014 that is has become more and more important for Online marketing agencies to stay on their toes to ensure that they stay in touch with new trends and the ever changing Social Media Space.   This is my predictions of changes and things to look out for in 2014 when it comes to your Online Marketing and especially Social Media.

1.       Content is everything

Too many companies are still very unsure of how to effectively use all the content that is available to them. Content is becoming more and more important in this day and age as the internet and social media keeps developing people are wanting to be enticed and excited about something new and new content. With that being said I believe that the Marketer who puts out the most relevant and exciting content in 2014 will win the race and gather the best results. Content needs to not only be exciting but needs to be engaging and lure the people in engage them in a way to make them want to share, like, retweet and talk about. Always keep your fans in mind what they want and what will make them read and interact with your content is what will be the difference between whether you have a successful online campaign or whether it will be a complete flop.

2.       Visual is everything

With more and more companies coming into the Online & Social Media space trying their hand at making successful online brands it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch the eyes of your fans. Also with the way Facebook and other major Social networks are changing the way they choose to show and rank your posts and content, for example Facebook has recently said it will now change the way it ranks Business pages and Personal Profiles updates the same way it has decided that visual content will be better ranked thank straight out written content. Simple statistics to this is that on Facebook posts with Images/photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click trough’s than regular text based posts. So in 2014 I suggest you focus on ensuring your Graphic Designer is always on standby and that you make use of Visual content a lot more than just plain written posts. Keeping in mind that you now have the rise of other Image based social sites like Pinterets and Tumblr.

3.       Social Media not just a sales tool anymore

In the past I have seen many companies try and use Social Media purely as a sales tool, this is no longer the case if you truly wish to raise your sales you would have to employ new strategies to engage customers and fans enough for them to actually go and buy your product or service. I strongly suggest that your Social media should be based on Building relationships, trust and your brand; if you manage to do this you will more than likely see a huge increase in your sales. Social Media is the new word of mouth and you want that to be positive.

4.       You will have to start paying more to see more.

Social Media campaigns can no longer just be run on pure luck and a hope that you will get the return, even though most major Social Media platforms are free to use you will have to start forking out some money to ensure your campaigns become successful and to make sure that people see and know about your campaign. One of the major social sites that is increasingly hard to grow ins Twitter as it is not easy to gain those followers but in 2014 Twitter has been making great strides into Paid Advertising so if you really want to succeed ion Twitter well I strongly suggest you start looking into Paid advertising, promoted tweets and accounts. The same will go for Facebook as the Social Media Giant is growing it is increasingly more difficult for your brand/campaign to be seen so get ready to pay for it.

5.       Google in on the rise and I see no stopping them.

Google has done many things behind the scenes that most people do not know of as they prepare to take over in my opinion the online space and become a dominant factor in all our lives, with things such as Artificial Intelligence, Google Internet Balloons floating around, Google Glass and also fully integrated automation just to name a few, so it won’t surprise me if in 2014 you need to keep a look out for Google+ and its extras like Hangouts etc.

6.       Video is going to be Huge

I really see in 2014 that businesses need to make use of Video and video channels, obviously we all know the BIG one YouTube which also as many know is owned by Google. Video is becoming more and more important in the display of your Services, Products and even now being used to advertise Competitions and campaigns. Do not underestimate the power of Video in 2014

7.       For business and the professional LinkedIn could be your saviour

LinkedIn is the largest “business” related social media network in the world and is growing at a rapid pace. Now also offering proper business profiles and pages it allows you and your company to reach out to other professionals in your industry and get in touch with the people you want to target, With so much news and captivating content being published on LinkedIn make sure you do the same.

8.       Building that list

Many people have forgotten one of the biggest and most important aspects of Online Marketing, building your list! You need to build that contact and email database of your on a daily basis. The bigger your list the more sales you will have and the better your brand will be recognized. The day and age of buying lists are over so you need to come up with exciting and intriguing ways to get people to want to be part of your lists.

9.       Online & Offline Collaboration

People and companies seem to forget that we are all still human and yes even though we are more and more being put into the Online space we still need that human touch. That is why it is important for us to ensure that collaborate our Online Marketing and Offline Marketing efforts, the more people see your brand, product or service the better chance you have of converting them into a real client.

10.   Mobile is coming and is BIG!

Mobile is becoming the new way to communicate with people, if you have to think how many people you know don’t have a smart phone of some sorts or a tablet that they use to browse? With statistics showing that there is in the world at least 2 mobile devices for every person on the planet don’t you think it’s important that you make sure your Mobile strategy is in place? From making sure your website is a responsive one which allows it to be viewed on any device to Mobile Applications and ensuring your Online Paid Campaigns are mobile friendly. There is so much that can be done with the Mobile space, don’t let it pass you by.

So in 2014 make sure you are on top of your game believe me it’s only going to get Bigger from here. Visit  for info on how you can make sure your company or brand is doing the right thing in 2014 and beyond.