Optimise your content for Mobile Marketing

The Inbound Marketing Summit, which took place in New York, in April, offered terrific presentations from a variety of industry thought leaders.

Amongst a number of interesting topics, the most impressive presentation was the one titled “best practices for building a mobile-focused inbound marketing strategy.”
This touched mainly on the importance of considering the customer’s point of view, when building your mobile marketing strategy.


Here are five tips to consider when building your mobile marketing strategy:


1. Focus first on mobile, then desktop

Consumers in the US currently spend twice as much time with desktop media as they do with mobile. So why then focus on mobile first? Because the amount of time that consumers spend on their mobile devices is growing at 14 times the rate of the desktop.

Marketers should focus their efforts on marketing on mobile platforms ahead of traditional desktops.

2. Customers want to do little and get a lot

Make it easy for your customers to access your mobile content – the fewer links they have to follow to get to specific content, the better. Make it easy to download content onto mobile devices.

3. Remember: Immediate and Intimate

Location-based marketing and delivering engaging content to current events are just two of the examples of how to leverage immediacy.

Customers are more often than not with their mobile devices throughout the day and even view it as an extension of themselves, so marketers should seize on the intimacy aspect of mobile and provide customers with personalized and relevant content.

4. Call to action

Including a call to action in your content has become a rule in marketing. Make sure your call to action is easy to follow through on, so that customers do not struggle to get hold of your products or services.

5. Cross-channel market!

Make use of other marketing tools like QR codes, SMS’s and niche product applications to make it easier for your customers to access product information or customer service.

Remember to include share links to all your social media platforms so that your customers can share their purchases with their friends, which will in turn drive exponential traffic.


Mobile marketing is one of the most popular marketing avenues at the moment and if you follow these tips and do it right, you will see why!