The SEO Myths and Rules

Many businesses have tried and failed at doing their own Search Engine Optimization due to their lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the practice. Experts and novices alike have their own opinion of how SEO should work. Let us shed some light on the 7 common misconceptions about the art of SEO.

  1. Keywords don’t matter anymore

SEO was, is and will always be keywords. With marketers and web designers optimizing content for mobile users, many are of the opinion that keywords are not a factor anymore. They might not be as important as they used to be, however, it would take a long time for keywords to die completely, if ever.

  1. Quantity beats Quality with link building

Some are of the opinion that the more back links you have, the better your page rank will be. This is a myth. If you have too many bad links from untrustworthy sites, Google may label it as spam. Rather focus on getting a couple of good, sturdy links from websites that will improve your site’s authority. This might be hard work but these links will prove gold to your SEO efforts.

  1. Social Media will affect page rank

Do not get me wrong, social media plays a vital role in online marketing. However, the pages may not have a direct impact on your page rank. Before you give up on your Facebook page, remember that social media grows your exposure. This will attract more visitors to your site and subsequently increase your page ranking.

  1. You only need to optimize web content

SEO isn’t one large chunk shoved in your website, but rather many puzzle pieces spread everywhere to build on one big picture, a good page rank. Your titles and tags in your YouTube videos needs optimization, your links and even your posts on social media need to be optimized. Do not get lazy.

  1. No one will notice keyword stuffing

This is probably the worst crime you can commit in SEO. Not to mention the over use of keywords in content, businesses has been known to place invisible keywords all over their page in the hopes of ranking well. Google does notice and immediately labels your website as spam, knocking you all the way down to page number ‘who cares?’ Content should be written in a manner that is enjoyable to read for humans and can easily be found by Google. It is a delicate art, an art we here at ATKA SA just happen to get right. Contact us at to enquire about our SEO packages.