Turn leads into customers Part 1

The one thing a good marketer has to know is what makes consumers tick. What is it that compels consumers to spend money on a product or service? We, here at ATKA have done extensive research on the psychology behind turning leads into customers. It isn’t anything complicated nor do you need a degree to understand it.

These are simple emotions and thoughts manipulated to direct customers to your business therefore turning leads into customers. Everything in the marketing campaign should be aimed towards a specific audience and should fulfil a need or desire. This part is luckily nothing for you to worry about. We will do just that.

So, kickback and read on to discover the secret psychological tricks that turn leads into buying customers.


People love anything new. When something changes or improves in your product or service, it excites people, especially those who are very loyal to your brand. Take the iPhones, for example. Every other month Apple releases a new iPhone and people have to drop the old one immediately and upgrade to the latest version. This also touches on the side of humans that always want to set themselves apart from others. It is a sort of brag race to see who will get the latest and best version first in order to gain the bragging rights.

This principle works just as well with food when you think about it. If there is a new, limited flavour yogurt on the market, all of us have to try it before it disappears again. The fact that it is always a limited edition increases the urgency to buy and taste it. We also tend to fall madly in love with the taste, more so that we would with the other flavours.  It’s magic, really.

Answers to questions

According to numerous psychological investigations it has been determined that human beings are constantly looking for answers. We are naturally inquisitive and if consumers do not get an answer they were looking for in your blog post, social media or other ad campaigns, then you won’t get very far. In order to curb this need in consumers, marketers have to be very specific when setting up a campaign.

First ask yourself what the consumer might ask and then come up with the answers. Benefits, benefits, benefits! Explain the benefits since people are secondly always wondering what’s in it for them. Explain to them why they should spend their time and money on you. If the customer is in any way confused then they will give up and move on to another product or service which provides more clarity.


Think of it as a space between what we know and what would like to know. Curiosity is what drives consumers to act. The way marketers can leverage that is to highlight the benefits of a product or service and create some mystique. Perhaps have one hidden benefit that they will only discover once they have bought the product or service. This might sound contrary to what we mentioned in number two, but try not to give away all of the good stuff. Leave the best for the consumer to discover if they purchase your service or product.

The famous cliff hangers at the end of shows is a great example of what drives us to be on that same couch, the next Tuesday to see what is going to happen next. Meanwhile that week long wait is torture but we know that we will be greatly rewarded in the form of entertainment if we keep on watching.

Like if you wait for part 2 of this article to come up, for example, you will be rewarded with our last 3 ultimate tricks that is sure to lead you on a one way road to the bank. There is also a bonus take away waiting for you. So keep that eye on our blog, the best is yet to come … If the curiosity and wait is getting too much for you, click here to find the keys to your business’ success.