Turn leads into customers Part 2

In part 1, we have touched on three psychological elements, novelty, answers to questions and curiosity which draws people to your brand.

Now let’s continue with some more, better psychological tricks to turn leads into customers.

Promise results in a short amount of time

People are always in a rush so few people actually have the time or patience to figure out the solution you are trying to sell.
Don’t turn it into a long process or hide the benefits, make it clear the first time around what people will get; how this will benefit them and how long it’s going to take. Let’s take a facial cleanser as an example.
People want to know right away that this product is going to remove their blemishes within a set amount of days. Although we know that gaining that flawless skin or dropping those kilos is going to take time, but people don’t really want to acknowledge it.
What you can do is to give people a time. How long is this process going to take? Convince them that the facial cleanser will remove your blemishes within 7 days or less… Turn it into the easiest solution ever. This is why you will always see on television advertisements they claim you will see results within a week or two weeks. It just makes it that more convincing.


This goes hand in hand with curiosity. Building anticipation works well with big events like concerts and sporting events. What works really well is getting a big celebrity to attend the event and then have people guess who the mystery guest is. Create a big campaign and build up towards you event. Jaguar ran a magnificent campaign where they had people on social media guess Mr Jaguar’s Identity. Their engagement and fan base grew to an enormous size up until it was revealed that David Beckham was Mr Jaguar, then it went through the roof. Create mystique and keep people on the edge of their proverbial seats.  Sit back and watch as your brand identity grows. You only have to have a good campaign and run it properly otherwise you might end up making a fool of yourself.

Social Proof

Many companies make use of testimonials and case studies to convince people to buy their product or to make use of their service. See, your target audience will relate to your campaign when you get a spokesperson who understand them and who have been through the same situation as them. Get someone who understands what they are struggling with to speak to them. Take funeral cover television advertisements for instance, they always have a person whose family member has died and who speaks about how much this company’s funeral cover has helped them. People watching the ad who have lost a family member too will immediately relate to that spokesperson and subsequently the company. These are only 6 psychology tricks but we have a lot more up our sleeve. Contact us on info@atkatemp.co.za and we will combine our creativity with your industry savvy to create something beautiful and profitable for your business.