Google Search Engine

8 Google Hacks You Need To Know.

Google is wildly regarded as one of the most successful and socially dominant companies in the world, and it is difficult to imagine anyone in the developed world who doesn’t know what Google is used for. As a Social Media & Online Marketing company we use Google to search the Internet, find information as quickly as possible, and most recently, to generate GPS maps, and even run Smartphone’s with its Android Operating System. But there is a lot of stuff that Google does and has implemented into its own coding that many people don’t know about. Here are just a few of those secret functions that may just surprise you! Do a barrel roll Google Search Engine If you type Do a barrel roll into Google Search, the entire screen will seemingly swirl around in front of your eyes, causing the search results to roll around before settling back into the normal position. Play Zerg Rush Typing in ‘Zerg Rush’will generate little monsters shaped like Google’s ‘0’s, which will proceed to eat up your search results until you click on them, scoring points as you do. You can either choose to defend your search results or let them be destroyed! Search for specific file types If you’re looking for a specific type of file, and you don’t have the time to search through every webpage for a link, using this function will allow you to limit the search results to only the filetype in question. For instance, if you’re looking for PDF files with information on Pandas, type in ‘pandas filetype:PDF’, and Google will generate a list of only PDF documents for you to view. Ask Google a question Ever want to know what that tricky word means? Or do you need to solve a math problem quickly? Ask Google, and it will generated an answer immediately on the search results page (provided it understands the question and knows the answer, of course). Get around news site pay-walls If you want to read a particular article but you find that it has been hidden behind a wall that asks you to pay to access the content, copy the URL into Google Translate, set the source language to any language but English, and ‘translate’it to English, then click on the link that is generated as a result. You will have access to the content, and you will be able to read that article unhindered. Omit certain results Tired of always seeing a certain celebrity pop into your search results when you’re planning your trip to a certain part of the world? When you search for it, add a minus symbol and the word you want to be left out of the search results, and Google will make sure not to give you the information when it generates it. Bacon Numbers all around! We can all agree that Kevin Bacon is a great actor, and we all know that he has been in quite a few movies. But do we know how closely he has worked with some of the worlds most famous celebrities? Google knows! Type in any celebrity’s name and the phrase ‘bacon number’, and it will generate a number. For instance, Dame Judy Dench’s Bacon Number is 2, because she and Michael Fassbender appeared together in a movie called Jane Eyre, and Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon were both in ‘X-Men: First Class’. Therefore, Dench and Kevin Bacon are connected via 2 degrees of separation. Track your flight If you’re looking to stay updated on your flight, when it will depart, when it is expected to land, and if there are any delays, type the flight number into the Google Search bar, and it will give you the latest information, including the gate, terminal and time. Use this to make sure you’re not late, or to be on time when you’re picking up your loved ones from the airport.