Great Marketing Agency Traits

The role of a marketing agency is to build brands and cement a bond between their clients and the public. Expert knowledge helps a great deal in achieving this, but there are factors such as teamwork, communication, creativity and more that turns an average marketing agency into a great one. Great marketing agencies believe that…

  1. You are never done learning

In the vast world of marketing there is always something new to learn. Be it graphics, SEO or Social Media, great staff have a hunger to know more. Team members share their knowledge with others and learn from one another. These are the, sadly, rare few who grow and eventually become experts in their fields.

  1. Passion turns into positive results

The passion and enthusiasm in a marketing team will shine through the work they produce for their clients. Pessimism can turn into a virus that affects everyone in the office. This is true for all businesses. Great marketers approach clients with a smile, sturdy handshake and twinkle in the eye, this way clients know there is only good things to come from this deal.

  1. Good communication skills are vital

Good communication between staff and clients ensures a marketing campaign runs like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, those working in social media and those who write content must know how to get through to the public and generate leads.

  1. Creativity drives campaigns

Everyone out there wants to be different and great advertising agencies are always looking for that thing that will set their clients apart from the rest. This requires creativity all round. Employees hold regular brainstorming sessions, valuing every person’s contribution, until one big idea comes to life. They keep the creative juices flowing constantly.

  1. Deadlines should not be forgotten

Deadlines are not a maybe, kind of thing. They are there to be met and every good agency sticks to those deadlines no matter what. They stay up to date with the latest industry news and changes to keep your campaigns up to date and trending.

  1. It helps to be a Jack & Jill of all trades

This links strongly with number 1. The world of advertising is a massive one with many threads staff can follow and learn. Excellent advertisers know everything from proofreading to building brand authority with some video editing skills just in case. They go over and above and surprise clients with what they are capable of. Albeit cliché, these Jacks and Jills go the extra mile.

  1. Data management drives improvement and success

How can anyone know where to improve the campaign if there is no sufficient data to show him or her? Data shows results and results helps indicate what works and where changes should be made. Without data management, advertisers would stab around in the dark, never hitting the sweet mark to success.

  1. There is no space for technological incompetence

All sorts of marketing involve technology of some sort. No matter how far you run from it, you still need a printer to print your fliers and a telephone to communicate with clients. A good team is always up to date with the latest technology and software and ought to be able to use it to its full capacity. ATKA SA embodies all of these traits, with a team that will turn any campaign into something special. Stop looking for a marketing agency when the A-team has got you covered. Contact us at and let’s get started.