The Barometer for Creativity?

Awards are part of every industry, maybe more popular with others. One may argue that they are the currency of the marketing space. Agencies are accumulating awards collections in order to increase their billing. Is that even fair? Of course, they may be a source of inspiration but should all agencies be chasing after them?

With the space being very vast, we have seen agencies win categories that do not even resonate with the services they offer. There is a fine line between a traditional advertising firm and a digital marketing agency. The digital era has certainly dominated the industry, making it hard for clients to differentiate between the two, therefore, going for the wrong services.

Seeing results in the respective services being offered is the number one priority for clients, does that necessarily have the correlation with the dashboard of awards that literally greets you when walking to the agencies office space? Does the client feel like you are doing the work for them and the success of their business or are you using them for the accolades but they are still getting subpar results?

The above questions are necessary for businesses that are in the process of choosing which agencies to use. Now don’t get us wrong, we do not hate the idea of awards but what about those very creative and small agencies that are producing unbelievably good work? Are they not worth betting your rand on?

When choosing an agency to curate all your needs for your business, consider the following:

  • Vision

It is your business you are putting on the line.  You know your business like the back of your hand, do you trust the agency will make it a priority like it is to you.  Be careful of agencies using a “cookie cutter” method instead of tailoring your services for you.

  • Does size matter?

According to SoDa Report, an online digital society, “a number of clients are turning to smaller agencies or specialized digital shops that offer a strong technical ability…” Either way, whatever you choose to go for make sure it is in line with your budget, do not stretch your pockets to accommodate an agency that can give you half the results you would have gotten had you went for a small to medium one.

  • How well oiled are they?

It is very easy to spot an agency that is a quarter to falling down or is desperate for clients, ask yourself why they are in this situation. Is it communication problems between the agency and clients? Is it a lack of customer satisfaction? There could be a lot of reasons but do not get on a ship that might sink soon.


  • Transparency

Without blowing our own horn, that is one we pride ourselves in at ATKASA. Make sure that you know what they are charging you for and how much they spend time working on your business. The results should match the number of hours put in, this shows professionalism plus it means no matter how many clients an agency may have, they will treat you like you are the only one.


To conclude, awards are not unwelcomed but instead of putting them on a very high pedestal, do not forget the basic and fundamental foundation of digital marketing. This will help you prioritize better when it comes to our work as marketers.  For more articles like this visit  or follow us on our social media @atkasa