back lining - online marketing - ATKASA For any of us who have come to understand the basic premise of Search Engine Optimization, the idea of having a host of high quality back links to your website is quite a natural thing. When it comes to SEO, there are many factors that will have an impact on your ranking in the search results pages of the most widely used engines in the world, and for that reason alone, it is important that anyone looking to delve into the world of Search Engine Optimization, which in turn will have an effect on their Search Engine Marketing (SEM), has an understanding of what exactly back links are and why they matter for the success of your website. Quiet simply, a back link is a term used for a URL link, or a hyperlink added to a keyword on a page that will redirect a user to your website. These back links matter for your website, because if they are clicked, they will give your site exposure to a potential customer and repeat visitor. Search Engine algorithms are aware of how important back links are, and as a result, their presence accounts for a substantial amount when it generates your website’s ranking. The general idea with back linking is that it should be used in such a way as to promote high quality, valuable content for your users, so having a back link to your site from an empty site will not only hinder your ranking, it might even affect it negatively if the algorithm finds that you have set it up in this way on purpose. A simple way to view back links is by referring to one of the five most visited websites in the world – Wikipedia. Now, the kinds of links allowed on Wikipedia and the types of links considered by the search engine algorithms are not exactly the same thing, but the way the linking of pages works within the Wiki ecosystem is a great example of how it works across the web on a larger scale. When using Wikipedia, you will come across a wide range of blue hyperlinks to different Wiki entries with content related to the page you are currently on. For instance, if you’re looking for information on a professional Football player, there will most likely be a link to a Wiki page dedicated to the club that the player is signed to play for. However, you would not expect to find a link to a Wiki containing a list of cat species. This is because this information is irrelevant to the “website” on the football player. To sum this aspect up, simply understand that relevant content in the world of SEO, no matter which aspect of it is being referred to, is incredibly important, and generating fake back links, irrelevant back links, farming or hiding back links just to boost your ring will hurt your website in the long run. ATKA SA is regarded as one of the best online marketing agencies in South Africa and would happily optimize your website for you! Please contact us for any inquiries regarding your online marketing.