Consumers, with no doubt, make or break your business. When a customer is loyal to a brand it means they have formed a bond and trust with it, therefore, they would like to think they share the same views as them (well correct views that is).  We have seen brands like DOVE and H&M put out campaigns that have left them to do a huge amount of damage control and in the midst of it all, they lost tons of clients.

Brands are now expected to be forward thinkers since they have platforms to encourage such progressiveness on the general public.
Prejudice or discrimination based on sexuality, gender, religion, race, body size and so forth breeds device and if a brand is pushing bigoted views, they are putting themselves at risk. In the end, major unbudgeted money ends up being used in unnecessary PR activities on things that could have easily been avoided.

As a business execute a campaign that will make a statement standing up for the underprivileged, you will be surprised by the results but let’s not do it for selfish sales reasons. Do it because you are passionate about it, see it as a form of CSI. Businesses should always be able to cater for and not be against the marginalized… With social media audience being ‘woke” you do not want the name of your business to be the trending topic on Twitter in a negative light. Whether you are a small or a big business, educate yourself and staff to avoid mishap!

One may also raise a point of staying out of the conversation, this way your brand’s views will never be taken out of context since they don’t exist to even begin with. Being quiet rather than being misquoted! Then, of course, there is a free speech stance; there are responsibilities that come with free speech it cannot be used to perpetuate hate on a group of minorities.

Brands like Nike, Google, Uber and Coca-Cola are good examples of inclusivity, from their campaigns to statements they make on social media.
Nike launched a huge campaign featuring faces like Serena Williams, our very own Caster Semenya (who was nominated for IAAF women athlete of the year)  and Colin Kaepernick, the campaign aimed to raise awareness for the voices that have been shunned upon and oppressed, the core message was “believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything” this comes after he kneeled during the national anthem which apparently upset the republicans (nothing new here).

What we can take from this is: give out the love and support that you would like to get from your consumers! It will do wonders for your business. Obviously, apart from political correctness, you do need an awesome agency like us to carry out all your digital needs. Visit our website for our services and the work we have done. Alternately, you can email us on info@atkasa.com.