video-advertisements-featured-imageIt is a no brainer that brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to remain relevant within their specified market to both retain their existing customer loyalty while attracting new clients. Respected businesses such as Coca Cola and Cell C are famous for setting advertising trends which are also popular on mobile advertisements, particularly, rewarded ads.

Simply put, rewarded adverts are voluntary advertisements that app users can view in order to earn rewards. For instance, non-subscribed users of Spotify are rewarded with uninterrupted listening if they view a short 30 second video advertisement while Episode players enjoy bonus passes which allow them to read more chapters if they watch two or three twenty to thirty second videos.

As expressed by mobile industry expert Maggie Mesa, rewarded ads are becoming one of the fastest growing mobile formats around, and with that said, we at ATKASA maintain that the growing popularity of these advertisements will only lead to further development of these formats, increasing their demand. Rewarded ads are too good to ignore by app users as they offer them bargains which most often, they cannot refuse.

In app advertisements

As industry specialists who are well informed with the ever changing technological advancements which are present in the digital marketing space, we will discuss the advantages that these video formats offer:

Rewarded ads have a high rate of completion. This means that these videos are watched until the end as compared to other video formats. These result in high rates of brand awareness enjoyed by an organisation as they can rest assured that their product advertisements will be fully executed and that their purpose will be fulfilled.

Considering the fact that viewers choose to watch the ads, app developers and advertisers ensure that the advertisements made available to them are those that match their target audience. For example, Cooking Dash is a popular game that challenges players to effectively serve their customers in the quickest times, and because of that, advertisers target brands such as McDonalds, Pick n Pay and Cadbury to be displayed to players. Advertisements are carefully selected to appeal to a given audience.

One of the biggest advantages of rewarded ads is that they are optional, and because of that, users who choose to watch the videos do so out of freewill. Giving users the choice to view the ads creates a more holistic approach: the relationship between the viewer and the brand is balanced, as it each party benefits from the transaction.

Finally, rewarded ads help guide leads to a landing page which presents them with the products or services that are being offered by the brand. As previously mentioned they boast in a high completion rate, the chances of a lead accepting the call to action of the advertisements are just as high, leading to increased customer engagement.

As leaders in the digital marketing industry, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can assist organisations in increasing their brand visibility, and we believe that rewarded ads can help guarantee that. If you would like to know more about this concept, give us a call on 011 024 3847 or send us an email at and we will gladly engage you on this over a cup of coffee.