When we ask you what your favourite television commercial or billboard is; the brands that used a bit of humour is usually the ones that comes to mind. Consumers gain a certain entertainment value from marketing campaigns spiked with humour and it is usually great punchlines that help us remember brands. Here follows more benefits of using humour in your marketing campaign.

It helps spread the word about your brand

Everyone loves sharing a good joke whether in the pub, office or at school among friends. If your marketing campaign has a good punchline, said punchline will be shared thus word of mouth around your brand spreads to more people.

If you share something humorous on your company’s social media pages, there is a good chance the post or tweet will be shared and re-shared among followers. Another great way to spread the word.

It sets you apart from the rest of your competitors

Many brands take themselves too seriously and advertisements can come across as stiff and impersonal. If done well, a bit of humour will set your brand apart from your competitors’, giving you an edge that can only mean good things.

Your brand comes across as approachable

As we have mentioned just now, brands tend to come across as too impersonal and consumers will prefer buying from brands that come across as approachable. Humour will help make your brand appear human and approachable, show people your company enjoys life too.

Grow your client base

All the benefits mentioned above combined will help increase your client base and will consequently result in more sales. More sales, of course, mean more money for your business to grow.

Some Mediums in which businesses can apply humour in their marketing campaigns


A trend businesses are following lately is the use of emoticons on billboards. A funny slogan or punchline on your billboard will go a long way in cheering those people stuck in Monday morning traffic.


Television commercials are a popular medium with which companies can express their humorous side. The platform is big and versatile.

Social Media posts

Strategically placed humour in an advert on social media could spark a sharing frenzy. If you are lucky, you might start trending on social media, a brilliant way to increase your social media following.

We here at ATKASA have a lot of humour and excellent ideas we are simply burning to share with clients. Experience the benefits above and more in your next marketing campaign and contact us now for a proposal.