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Developing an Accessible Website

Some 97% of all websites are developed without paying attention to accessibility features, which not only alientates visitors with disabilities and access issues, it can even have a negative impact on website performance in search engines. Website development has overlooked the needs of those with disabilities or alternative means of engaging with content for too […]

Targeting with Social Media Marketing

Understand Your Target Market with Social Media Marketing Modern business needs an edge, something that allows you to respond directly to client requests and concerns.   Understand Your Target Market with Social Media Marketing Modern business needs an edge, something that allows you to respond directly to client requests and concerns. It requires an approach to [...]

Expand Your Brand with Search Engine Optimisation

Expanding Your Brand with Search Engine Optimisation Whether expanding your brand on a local level or out into international markets, making decisions blindly can lead to setbacks and wasted resources that can undermine the success of your operations.  Expanding Your Brand with Search Engine Optimisation Whether expanding your brand on a local level or out [...]

The Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging With TikTok

The Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging With TikTok People are no longer spending hours glued to the TV, but instead consuming media through social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube—all of which are competing for each user's attention. The Benefits of an Integrated Media Strategy to Boost Brand Messaging With [...]

The 4 Best Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business

The 4 Best Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business  These days as an entrepreneur or social media manager, starting out on your journey on social media can be frustrating, especially when you have no creative design background. The 4 Best Ways to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business These days as [...]

Understanding Digital Strategy Development – 14th

Understanding Digital Strategy Development The world of digital marketing can be an overwhelming one, especially for the uninitiated. Understanding Digital Strategy Development The world of digital marketing can be an overwhelming one, especially for the uninitiated. Complications only compound when you start using omnichannel marketing which, while highly effective at reaching marketing goals, also requires [...]

These 9 Snapchat marketing strategies will help you grow your small business TODAY

These 9 Snapchat marketing strategies will help you grow your small business TODAY Managing a small business requires dedication, perseverance, and the capacity to perform almost any task. These 9 Snapchat marketing strategies will help you grow your small business TODAY Managing a small business requires dedication, perseverance, and the capacity to perform almost any [...]

Getting started with Google Ads?

Getting started with Google Ads? If so, keep reading. Getting started with Google Ads? If so, keep reading. First of all, using Google Ads might sound like rocket science when you have no idea how to run ads, let alone figure out who to target. However, it does not have to be. After reading this, [...]

12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After Lockdown

12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After Lockdown As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly eased, and we emerge into something resembling normality post-pandemic, many companies will be taking stock and planning their next moves carefully 12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After Lockdown As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly eased, and [...]

How you can use South Africa’s top marketing trends to your advantage

How you can use South Africa's top marketing trends to your advantage Today’s competition is super hectic in the game, and the marketing industry is constantly evolving. Its very nature can only be defined by innovation and evolution; how we did things 10 years ago isn’t how we’re doing it nowadays. How you can use [...]

Why Brands Need to Focus on Engagement

Why Brands Need to Focus on Engagement Brand engagement has become a marketing buzzword. Brands understand that engagement is the key to brand loyalty in the digital world where competition is fierce. Why Brands Need to Focus on Engagement Brand engagement has become a marketing buzzword. Brands understand that engagement is the key to brand [...]

The Producer Economy’s Impact On Influencer Marketing

The Producer Economy's Impact On Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is developing into what's being called "the producer economy," which consists of content creators who want to create their own media companies separate from social media platforms. The Producer Economy's Impact On Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is developing into what's being called "the producer economy," which [...]

Meta(Facebook) Is Working on an ‘Ethical Framework’ for the Use of Virtual Influencers

Meta(Facebook) Is Working on an 'Ethical Framework' for the Use of Virtual Influencers With Meta being the new hype in the industry, we find ourselves watching out for more new dope digital innovations like NFTs and online rooms. The thought of our next step being the on into the virtual worlds gives many goosebumps. Meta(Facebook) [...]

How AI Is Changing Social Media Marketing

How AI Is Changing Social Media Marketing Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be transformed by artificial intelligence in marketing. Artificial intelligence can automate many tasks related to social media management, and social media can even be monitored at scale using AI. How AI Is Changing Social Media Marketing Social media [...]

Welcome to the Metaverse – The Future Of Marketing.

Welcome to the Metaverse - The Future Of Marketing. Think about it. Welcome to the Metaverse - The Future Of Marketing. Think about it.  A world where businesses and consumers interact online yet more effectively, and we as marketers have the potential to not only get effective leads but powerfully sell an image or brand [...]

7 Email Marketing Trends you should Know in 2022

7 Email Marketing Trends you should Know in 2022 Do you have a plan for email marketing in 2022? Are you looking for trends that could help you formulate and execute an email campaign more effectively? 7 Email Marketing Trends you should Know in 2022 Do you have a plan for email marketing in 2022? [...]

Why Social Media Marketing cannot be ignored by Your Company Anymore

Why Social Media Marketing cannot be ignored by Your Company Any Longer. We can all agree that the world is moving more and more in a digital direction. Why Social Media Marketing cannot be ignored by Your Company Any Longer We can all agree that the world is moving more and more in a digital [...]

The Importance of a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy if your Business Aims to Grow A 360 digital marketing strategy is a way to ensure that you find out where your customers spend their time online and target them through their preferred platforms.  The importance of this is to cover all bases and reach bigger volumes [...]

How Instagram Algorithms Works

  How Instagram Algorithms Works As part of their new 'How Instagram Works' series, Instagram just published the second instalment - it explains how its search algorithm works, and what you can do to increase your chances of appearing in relevant search results. So let's go through it together. You must understand all of Instagram's [...]

TikTok Ad Campaign

TikTok Ad Campaign: Keys To Success How can you get the best response from your TikTok ads and maximize their effectiveness? TikTok Ad Campaign: Keys To Success How can you get the best response from your TikTok ads and maximize their effectiveness? Firstly, the TikTok platform is more difficult to use than other platforms because [...]

Checklist For Social Media Marketing Success

  Checklist For Social Media Marketing Success   Social Media is becoming more and more competitive. Staying ahead of the competition requires you to take the optimal approaches that will contribute to your success online. In managing your Social Media Strategy, you should adhere to several important principles that will help drive Engagement and Performance, [...]

The top 5 ways to better your email marketing strategy.

The top 5 ways to better your email marketing strategy.   I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself what email marketing is? Email marketing is a form of marketing that makes your subscribers on your email list aware of a new product, services, and other promotional items.  Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form [...]

Digital marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs Digital marketing   Let us clear the confusion and bury the hatchet once and for all. Both are marketing initiatives, and both have one end result for the marketer. Which is making money! Both are effective if done right, and both can be a good investment if you know what you’re doing.  [...]

Are social media campaigns effective?

Are social media campaigns effective? You are probably asking yourself are social media campaigns effective when it comes to marketing? Yes, they are. Are social media campaigns effective? You are probably asking yourself are social media campaigns effective when it comes to marketing? Yes, they are. Social media campaigns are your foundation for success as [...]

How To Build A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy In South Africa 2022

How To Build A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy In South Africa For 2022 An online marketing strategy is your key for accelerating your growth in today’s multimedia world.  Taking the next step to create or improve your current marketing strategy has never been easier with this winning strategy. You’re first probably asking yourself what is [...]

Leverage the power of Twitter

Leverage the power of Twitter   Twitter is a 'microblogging' system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. Leverage the power of Twitter Twitter is a 'microblogging' system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. Essentially, Twitter is a virtual discussion platform between brands and customers. People [...]

What does being an influencer mean TODAY?

What does being an influencer mean TODAY?   The confusion today of becoming a ‘somebody’ has left the people facing identity issues. Ask yourself the habits you’ve picked up, the music you listen to, the type of clothing you wear. Where did it all begin? In short, you’ve been Influenced. Many people desire to stand [...]

Choosing the best marketing goal for Facebook ads

Choosing The Best Marketing Goal For Your Facebook Ads. I know what you’re thinking. Facebook is probably the most neglected platform out there, and you probably have this idea that Facebook is so dead that even our parents use it.  The reality behind this whole “graveyard”, is that it’s actually the holy grail of marketing.  [...]

How FOMO Murders The Marketing Game

How FOMO Murders The Marketing Game   Fear Of Missing Out Have you ever felt so compelled to be in the know? Have you ever asked yourself what’s all the hype? That exact feeling you’re having, that feeling right there… is FOMO. How FOMO Murders The Marketing Game Fear Of Missing Out Have you ever [...]

Top 5 Marketing trends to look out for in 2021

Top 5 Marketing trends to look out for in 2021 Because of the Pandemic, most companies have predominantly moved online and businesses are now opening their eyes to the cost-effectiveness and benefits of utilizing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies in their business plans.   With more businesses investing more in online marketing, the competition is [...]

Backseat advertising

I’ve been in more Ubers than I care to count and for the record, I’m neither pleased nor untroubled with my dependence on Ubers. But as one of my many Ubers wound around bends and obscure streets to get me to my destination, I noticed something peculiar from the backseat. Well, to be fair, it […]

Is podcasting the new advertising frontier?

How will streaming media affect advertising budgets and the mediums that are heavily invested in South Africa? Radio listenership remains popular in South Africa. Podcasting however has yet to gain that same traction and there are reasons for that that are unique to not only South Africa but other developing countries. Radios are readily available [...]

We’ve been ‘influenced’

If we summarised the last, it would be the year of the ‘Influencer’. Influencers are people who have a large social media following and use their presence online to endorse brands and socially market to people. Hashtags and likes have really had a moment and we’ve probably ‘liked and subscribed’ to more YouTube channels that [...]

The Rise of TikTok

Facebook is a behemoth, very few competitors have managed to gain popularity in the ways that Facebook-owned apps have been able to. Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp make up the most downloaded and popular social media apps however TikTok has proved to be a worthy competitor. With over half a billion users, the Chinese app may […]

Three tips on Creating an Effective & Engaging Content Strategy.

Creating engaging and clever social media content is no easy task, it can be challenging and sometimes take up a lot of your time. Sometimes, the creative juices don't flow, or you simply don't feel inspired by the brief you have been given for a specific brand. With the ever-growing digital marketing landscape, it is [...]

ProVen Probiotics launches in South Africa

The world's most respected producers of probiotics, ProVen, is now available in South Africa! ProVen Probiotics are a revolutionary new range of probiotics products designed to suit everyone. Our probiotic products are designed for ease of use and daily support for each lifestage from pregnancy and newborn babies to maturity. Clinical studies have shown ProVen [...]

Facebook to Update Business Page by Removing Certain Information Fields

Amongst some of their new updates, Facebook has announced that they will be making changes to the Business page information section which will be effective from 1 August 2019. These changes will see the removal of “Mission”, “Biography”, “Company Overview”, “Personal Interests” and “Affiliation”. Page admins are however advised to integrate information from the mentioned […]

Instagram tests hiding like counts.

In the era of social media, it is no surprise that most millennial’s and teens likely spend up to 80% of their time on Instagram, scrollingmeaninglessly through their favourite celebrities’ Instagram feed to see what they have been up to. In late 2017, Facebook published a report[1] which looked at whether social media is good or bad […]

2019: The Top 21 Digital Agencies According To DesignRush

Top Digital Agency Recognition We continue to build on our already enviable reputation as one of South Africa’s leading digital agencies. With this said, we are enormously proud of the recognition bestowed upon us by DigitalRush, a B2B marketplace that links brands to agencies, listing us within the top 21 digital agencies both locally and […]

Millennials – The Content Generation

Following on from our “The #Hashtag Movement – Is it Worth it?” article where we explored the socio-economic trends that brands such as Castle Lager employ as part of their marketing strategies, we have noticed the following – millennials have become the primary target audience for such campaigns. With over 72 million millennials worldwide that […]

The #Hashtag Movement – Is It Worth It?

The use of social media has led to the creation of online communities which seek to share stories and experiences with the hopes of yielding effective results. The #OJewaKeEng (“What is bothering you”) hashtag coined by Twitter user Keabetswe has generated over 7 900 retweets over the last three months – and has led to the […]

Global Social Media – Who’s Following What

Digital marketing expert Dave Chaffey* has compiled a Global Social Media research summary in which he breaks down the various studies which were completed by giants such as Hootsuite, Pew Research, Trackmaven and comScore. As industry experts, we at ATKASA have taken cognisance of this. As part of our commitment to offer our clients industry-driven […]

Using Social Media Responsibly

In the wake of the horrific mosque attacks in Christchurch, it occurred to me that had social media not been such a prolific part of our everyday lives, there would not have existed an outlet for Brendan Tarrant to air this most heinous of acts.  Also, without social media platforms Tarrant would not have had […]

Spin Your Brand Onto The Web

Web hosting has evolved over the years – no longer do we use the internet purely for research purposes, but we now do our online shopping and banking through the various website services offered by brands such as Spree and ABSA. Many website hosting services such as Wix and WordPress offer free website creation and […]

Transformation: Challenging The Status Quo

The new Digital Agency Formula With the current focus around transformation within the advertising and communications sectors, it is apparent that we need a complete paradigm shift around the transformational process. True: the “old” agency model is incredibly outdated with structures that remain overly resource-heavy and lack the flexibility to conform to the required immediacy. […]

Hello customer meet brand

Activations such as Share-A-Coke and the #IAmMeAckermans campaign have in many ways revolutionised the marketing space: not only have organisations been rebranded using these concepts, but they have also contributed to the promotion of controversial movements such as the Dove Love Your Body campaign. These out-of-the-box strategies have earned their way into the public relations […]

Inbound digital marketing – a happy customer is a paying customer

The digital marketing space has in more ways than one improved the way in which brands are able to remain relevant in their market. Not only have digital marketing strategies proven to be instantaneous but they also put an emphasis on customer satisfaction. The age-old practice of promoting a brand through aggressive advertising methods is […]


It is a no brainer that brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to remain relevant within their specified market to both retain their existing customer loyalty while attracting new clients. Respected businesses such as Coca Cola and Cell C are famous for setting advertising trends which are also popular on mobile advertisements, particularly, rewarded […]

User generated content

Concepts such as Share a Coke, Spree’s #SpreeGallery and the RocoMamas #eatingisbelieving billboard project are brilliant campaigns which helped convert potential leads into clients for these brands. However, more importantly, they also helped spark their customers’ creativity, involving them in their marketing process, making them feel cherished, holding them to high esteem as important to […]

Mobile app development

The evolution of mobile apps have not only contributed to the technological advancements of smart phones, but also to the convenience in our lives. From the calculator, banking, online shopping and music apps, once monotonous tasks can now be completed using our cell phones, decreasing the demands on our time, while cultivating our recreational activities. […]

The importance of logo design

More so than ever, brands form an integral part of our lives as we make use of the goods and services that they offer. Products such Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Google and Nestle are all products we are familiar with given that they are all inherently interwoven into our daily lives, making it easier for us to […]

Public relations in the digital space

Once thought of as a fluffy, nice to have offering, Public relations in the digital arena, is rapidly becoming a necessary, if not vital part of marketing efforts. In keeping with this trend, digital agencies are actively engaging PR specialists to ensure that the brand message is delivered via a holistic approach ensuring all-important messaging […]

The future of Chat-bots

The digital marketing space is one that is constantly evolving and generating new and ameliorate ways in which marketing can be done in methods which exceed that which is common. The ever increasing number of competitors which emerge everyday in the digital space make it vital for businesses to keep evolving and coming up with […]

Artificial Intelligence: The future of digital marketing

AI: The future of digital marketing Learning and understanding artificial intelligence will become mandatory for marketers as we have reached a stage in marketing where if you do not incorporate forward-thinking technology into your strategy it might be considered as behind. Some marketers may worry that the shift from traditional marketing is going to backfire, […]

The Ultimate Pitch

Doing a pitch of any kind can be very hard. From the preparation to the execution, the presentation must be nothing short of perfect (no pressure). When pitching a marketing pitch, one has to keep in mind that the client already has a list of other potential marketers all you need to answer is the […]

Personalization: The Biggest 2018 Trend

Major corporates jumped on this bandwagon this year as we saw new technologies like Amazon’s Alexa have been more than successful since their launch. People love feeling like they are important, and when they get that from their favorite brand it builds a bond and more loyalty. In simple terms, we can define personalized marketing […]

How Corporate Social Investment Impacts a Brand

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment (Referred to as CSR/CSI from here onwards) were terms that were used interchangeably but there is actually a distinctive difference. Corporate Social Responsibility This can be defined as the company’s responsibility in bettering the environment in which they operate in, meaning internally and the immediate community. This can […]

Being Politically Correct

Consumers, with no doubt, make or break your business. When a customer is loyal to a brand it means they have formed a bond and trust with it, therefore, they would like to think they share the same views as them (well correct views that is).  We have seen brands like DOVE and H&M put […]

A- Z Guide for Digital Marketing Buzzwords.

A- Z Digital Marketing Buzzwords

Twitter 101

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world; it was initially created in March 2006 and shared with the public in July the same year. One may argue that it has totally changed the interaction landscape between brands and their audience. For brands, it should be about more than just creating an […]

Regulations Of Social Media In the Corporate Space

Social media Pros and Cons Social media is equally bad as much as it is good. The responsibility of how we navigate around these online communities falls on us. Before we dive deep into the topic at hand let us list the pros and cons of social media. Corporate Social Media Pros: ⦁    Very informative […]

Are awards the barometer for creativity?

The Barometer for Creativity? Awards are part of every industry, maybe more popular with others. One may argue that they are the currency of the marketing space. Agencies are accumulating awards collections in order to increase their billing. Is that even fair? Of course, they may be a source of inspiration but should all agencies […]

There’s More To Content Marketing Than Text: Video Marketing Edition

Content marketing is a vast tool for marketing. From the role it plays in SEO to brand awareness, marketers need to position their content thoughtfully without being predictable or tedious. As technology advances, we are seeing video marketing come to the forefront as consumer behavior changes. This automatically gives marketers more tools to experiment with. […]

Using Influencer Marketing For Your Business

There is a vast amount of options available to businesses when it comes to marketing tools, one that is making a rise is influencer marketing. Looking back at older advertising campaigns, you will realise that this is not a new thing but with the technology evolving it has become what it is today! This is […]

The Role of Trademarks in Branding

A trademark is a mark that legally represents something, usually a business, by their goods or services. A brand name, however, is the name that a business chooses for one of their products. A trademark is an identity; it encompasses a brand name, a slogan and/or a logo. Upon starting a business or creating a […]

The Future of Digital Marketing in South Africa

The digital marketing landscape in South Africa can be quite demanding to marketers for numerous factors. Despite the fact that there are many trials, the digital marketing sector has remained broadly untouched. Digital marketing in South Africa has increased at a rate of 35%[1]. There are certain trends that will increase in popularity which will […]

Business to Business Marketing: A LinkedIn Tale

With the growing interest in content marketing, social media continues to grow as a lead generation avenue, and according to an infographic from Oktopost[1], at least 80 percent of Business to Business ‘B2B’ leads were through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is mostly used as a networking platform for professionals and job-seekers. Whether you’re a marketing executive or […]

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

In a world where everything is done online, it may seem like digital media is replacing the basic traditional way of advertising. The marketing landscape has grown to be vast and businesses have endless options; which means the way we consume the media has drastically changed. Thus it is important that businesses revolve and adapt […]

The Importance Of Brand Collaboration

  Brands coming together to work on a campaign has been a strategy used widely throughout all industries. The main purpose of this concept is to garner more profit while simultaneously creating awareness for both brands; It’s a very beneficial PR strategy. An example of a good brand collaboration is between one of South Africa’s […]

Social Media in the Corporate world

Social media in the corporate space In light of Minister Gigaba’s recent scandal, we thought an educational article for all the working class and business owners of this country would be a great idea to educate and broaden our knowledge about social media. As we all know, social media refers to the all the apps […]

Strategizing Using Digital Marketing

Marketing evolves as the consumer’s needs change too. Knowing the basics and referencing them from time to time is good but it’s not a hidden fact that what might have worked 5 years ago might not work today. In this digital era, aligning the needs of your consumers with your services online can improve your […]

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Customer Retention on Social Media

Like most businesses, you probably have a social media presence that you are using to engage with your customers. Social media has made it easier for individuals to connect with each other. For businesses, it remains the perfect platform for creating brand loyalty and deepening relationships with customers. Although attracting new customers remains a focus […]

Trends Shaping Content Marketing Today

There’s no denying that there have been significant advancements in how we create and view content. Brands have been leveraging content as a marketing mechanism for quite some time, and because of these new developments; the ability to come up with outstanding content remains a daily challenge for most businesses. The volume of published content […]

Why agile video content is hailed as the future of content.

The digital landscape continues to evolve significantly, making agencies and businesses look for better ways to attract leads and promote brands in the most effective and innovative way. The advent of video content seems to be taking centre stage with new technologies leaning towards favoring the video market more and more. There has been an […]

Facebook Updates you should know about

After Facebook’s recent F8 conference, they’ve rolled out a few changes, some visible, others not so noticeable. Let’s give you the lowdown. You can now insert a “Thankful” reaction on posts Facebook recently expanded its reaction collection with a “Thankful” reaction. Many of you will already have noticed and used the little purple flower. Which […]

That Moment when Targeting turns into Stalking

Okay, so you’re on Facebook and you like Tony Robbins’ page because you found his last event really insightful. Few hours later you log into your account again and you have JT Foxx and Gary Vaynerchuck vying for your attention through their clever ad targeting and an ad announcing that Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book is […]

Social Media Tips from Celebrities who are hot on social media

Social Media Tips from Celebrities Social Media Tips from CelebritiesWhen it comes to social media, celebrities are it. Several big brands make use of celebs to endorse their products but what if you don’t have that kind of dough to fork out? How do you compete with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Taylor […]

Donald Trump – The New Face of Twitter Advertising. What the トランプ政権?

Twitter users should be no stranger to Donald Trump’s frequent controversial outbursts on this snap news platform. While some may find his quips offensive and crude, Twitter is actually leveraging his controversy in the form of huge billboards in Tokyo. This social network created billboards with Donald’s face on it with the mandarin inscription, トランプ政権 […]

The Sort of Good. The Bad. & the Funny. April Fools’ Day 2017

Ahh, who could forget Open Table’s Taste App or Uncle Bob’s Selfie Storage last year? April 1 2017 had a lot to live up to with regards to the pranks businesses pulled last year annnd it didn’t. We are sad to say that we were rather disappointed by this year’s haul of April Fools’ pranks. […]

Keeping up with the Kardashians – Instagram Marketing at its Best

When it comes to Instagram, no star or person, for that matter, can do it better than the Kardashian/Jenner clan. From sexy selfies to controversy to promo selfies that led to more controversy, it would suffice to say that the Kardashians are currently rocking Instagram. As a sort of marketing experiment, we’ve selected some of […]

20 Hot Social Media Trends to look out for in 2017

Hot social media trends in 2017 Will twitter become obsolete in 2017? Will Instagram dominate Snapchat? Are women still the dominating force amongst social media users?  We’ve gone on the hunt for answers to these questions and stumbled on a few trends to look out for in 2017 in the process. 1. Live video content [...]

The ultimate #blackfriday deals list – brought to you by ATKASA

Black Friday is a thing in South Africa now, and the deals on offer has flooded every social media platform in the country. For your shopping convenience ATKASA Digital Agency compiled a list of all the awesome deals out there.   Happy shopping: (click on Brand Name to see their specials) PNA Colour Your World […]

NO; your Facebook content won’t go public

Nothing riles up the sheeple (def: people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.) quite like groundless fear-mongering. A status update is going viral on Facebook — again- has been traced back to November 2012, and, after scrolling through recent updates, it’s back! The message warns users that Facebook is going to […]

How to tell if an online marketing company is lying to you

At ATKASA Digital we pride ourselves on our level of dignity and get rather hot under the collar when we hear the promise land that some other companies “claiming to be online marketing experts” offer potential clients. How do you know if a so called digital marketer is not the real deal? We take a […]

Top “What were you thinking?” social media moments of 2016

Social media marketing – done right can ensure major ROI, but when the bloopers do occur, it can cause major damage. We had a laugh at some of these epics fails of 2016 and cringed thinking about the repercussions. If these real-life examples do not convince you to hire a professional, nothing will:   Umm […]

Online marketing is NO silver bullet

Content courtesy of one of the top online marketing firms in South Africa – ATKASA So, you set up every social media platform known to mankind with that idea of selling your service or product the next day. STOP! You are doing it all wrong. In order avoid disappointment three weeks later, we want to […]

Olympians to follow on social media

We did some research on the top Olympians to follow on social media, searched for them and compiled a list. Click to follow these follow-worthy athletes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and enjoy a first-hand take on the Rio Olympics. Michael Phelps Michael Phelps, now a 20-time Olympic gold medallist and Team USA hero, has […]

What Trump thinks about you

There are a lot of tips to be taken from the Americans and how they optimise a social media campaign to build a database and grow consumer trust. The recently found Trump yourself campaign is a genius idea by Hillary for America. The simple Facebook app allows you to add your photo to a conspicuous Trump […]

Things you can do (online) to make yourself more hirable

Take down those party pics or adjust your privacy settings Think about the image you portray online; would you hire you if you did a quick social media search. Do some in-depth research out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – clean those platforms up. Google yourself and see what can be removed, you […]

Facebook introduces Slide Show video maker

Originally launched in August 2015 as part of Facebook’s photo-sharing companion app Moments, Slideshow began testing with some users as part of the Facebook app’s status composer in December. As more video consumption moves online and to mobile, people around the world report wanting to engage with more video content on mobile, including ads. In […]

A guide to cure public speaking anxiety

Curin Public Speaking Anxiety Get things in order The last thing you want are flimsy notes falling everywhere on stage or a projector, laptop or microphone that does not work. Do proper sound checks, have all batteries charged and keep a backup of your digital presentation material. Do not fear rejection Most fears when it […]

Anatomy of a well crafted blog post – Infographic

The Benefits of using Humour in your Marketing Campaign

When we ask you what your favourite television commercial or billboard is; the brands that used a bit of humour is usually the ones that comes to mind. Consumers gain a certain entertainment value from marketing campaigns spiked with humour and it is usually great punchlines that help us remember brands. Here follows more benefits […]

Common digital marketing mistakes you might be making

When digital marketing is applied correctly, you’ll soon be gaining more leads than you know what to do with. There is sadly a lot of room for error though. If you aren’t getting the results you’ve been hoping for, chances are, you’re making one or more of these mistakes. Lack of proper budget You’ve got […]

Looking back at the best April Fools Pranks businesses pulled 2016

Social media was abuzz with pranks on 1 April this year causing surprise, happiness, outrage and even a few tears but the main emotion most people experienced was disappointment. Disappointment that no, there are will be no cars with Velcro seats and no, you won’t be able to taste food by licking your phone. We […]

7 Most Popular Social Media Networks – Infographic

How to keep your marketing campaigns tastefully funny

We all enjoy a little humour in advertisements and more often than not it is the funny ads we remember the most. See, commercials with a witty joke in it provides those watching with something to share around the braai or at the office; it’s entertaining. However, if done poorly, your business might end up […]

Facebook’s Instant Article Publisher Marketing benefits

Facebook has rolled out a brand new feature enabling businesses to publish articles instantly on Facebook. This can be anything from news alerts to blog posts related to your industry. What is an Instant Article? It is an HTML5 document optimized for speedy mobile performance. This publishing feature enables you to bring your stories to […]

How to start using Snapchat’s New Facial Features

The selfie trend has boomed during the last couple of years and now Snapchat has taken it to a whole new, whacky level. Would you like to swop faces with your friend when taking a selfie together? What are all the rainbows in everyone’s selfies all about? Listen up because here’s how to start using […]

6 Psychological tricks to turn leads into customers Part 2

Turn leads into customers Part 2 In part 1, we have touched on three psychological elements, novelty, answers to questions and curiosity which draws people to your brand. Now let’s continue with some more, better psychological tricks to turn leads into customers. Promise results in a short amount of time People are always in a […]

6 Psychological tricks to turn leads into customers Part 1

Turn leads into customers Part 1 The one thing a good marketer has to know is what makes consumers tick. What is it that compels consumers to spend money on a product or service? We, here at ATKA have done extensive research on the psychology behind turning leads into customers. It isn’t anything complicated nor […]

How to make people fall in love with your brand

Your brand is your business, without it consumers will have no way of distinguishing you from your competitors, no way to remember you. Your brand essentially represents what your business/product stands for. This is why it is vital you take care of and grow it, make your consumer fall in love with your brand. Provide […]

Sassy, sharp and sometimes sexist: ATKA SA’S top 5 vintage ads

Although some might deny it, marketers have since the earliest of times had an effect on more than just our decisions on what to buy. Marketers have always played a massive role in how we perceive society and each other. To prove this ATKA SA took a selection of 5 vintage ads that say a […]

How to start using Facebook’s video profile picture

It is finally here! Last year, Facebook announced a new feature allowing you to change your Facebook profile picture into a GIF-like video. At this point it is only available to iPhone users, however, if you are an Android user, don’t be discouraged; it’s coming soon! Have you changed your profile picture yet? If not, […]

Interesting things you probably didn’t know about Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook was launched 11 years ago and it has grown insanely during that time. So, we thought it appropriate to explore the depths of this vast social media site and reveal to you 5 secrets you might not have known about Facebook’s News Feed section. It initially caused widespread upset The News Feed section was […]

Difference between cross channel marketing & other businesses

Cross channel marketing is closely linked to the digital world and is the one form of marketing that seamlessly moves with time. This is why businesses of this era should consider it if they are looking for ways to get their brand out there. At the wildfire speed things on social media starts buzzing and trending, […]

How to successfully cash in on a social media trend

Every day social media is abuzz with new trending topics which can change in a matter of minutes. Latching on to trends on twitter is a great way for your business to get noticed. How, then do you fully take advantage of a trending topic? Let’s give you the lowdown. Stay one step ahead of […]

Marketme360 VS. Manual

Things Social Media Professionals can’t ignore in 2016

It’s a new year and the perfect time to start your online marketing campaign anew, with a fresh angle. Out with the old… as they put it. Even though we are yet another step closer to a new decade, social media is vastly growing into a dominating form of marketing. However, in order to fully […]

Infographic – 10 Top Advertising Slogans of all time

10 Surefire tricks to drive more traffic to your blog

How to drive more traffic to your blog A blog provides people with a platform to express themselves and share their passion with others. For businesses, it’s a way to establish themselves as experts in the public eye and gain trust. This is all well, but what use is a blog that isn’t read? How [...]

8 Traits of a great marketing agency

Great Marketing Agency Traits The role of a marketing agency is to build brands and cement a bond between their clients and the public. Expert knowledge helps a great deal in achieving this, but there are factors such as teamwork, communication, creativity and more that turns an average marketing agency into a great one. Great […]

LinkedIn group changes forces marketers to step up their game

Many social media marketers use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to grow their clients’ brand. All of these platforms have grown immensely over recent years, changing and evolving in order to give users a better and more secure place to connect with other people. The changes to LinkedIn’s groups provide users with […]

5 Myth busting SEO rules

The SEO Myths and Rules Many businesses have tried and failed at doing their own Search Engine Optimization due to their lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the practice. Experts and novices alike have their own opinion of how SEO should work. Let us shed some light on the 7 common misconceptions about the art […]

Twitter’s new Poll feature: A) Good or B) Great

Twitter’s Poll function is a brilliant new way for businesses to engage with their followers. Anyone can now get the public’s opinion on virtually anything, from what products they like most to who will win the elections. In the past, Twitter had means for people to participate in polls. For example, you’d tweet a question […]

Has Facebook uncovered the secret to helping the blind see?

Facebook has made headlines again this year when they announced they are working on a new tool that will help the blind ‘see’ images on Facebook. Facebook has grown to one of the largest social networking platforms of our time. A big part of this involves sharing photos, and this is where those with visual […]

Extend the reach of your Facebook ads with Audience Network

Facebook has become a very popular tool for marketers to broaden the brand-exposure of their clients. It is an easy platform for businesses to interact with their clients on a more personal level and through Facebook Ads gain more exposure. As we know Facebook, they took it a step further having launched the Audience Network last year. This platform […]

SEO in 2016 – what to look out for

Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the recent years. It is important that content writers and marketers keep up with said changes. Search engines have become much smarter and writers have less control over their page ranking. To avoid falling behind, here follows SEO trends to look out for this coming year. Go big or go home In previous years, […]

Mxit has reached the end of the road

23 October 2015 Mxit announced that they are shutting down and donating their intellectual property and assets to ‘The Reach Trust’. The Reach Trust is an independent public benefit organisation aiming to transform the lives of the less fortunate by providing them with access to free health, counselling services and education through mobile phones. Their […]

Google launches new Accelerated Mobile Pages project

Good news for businesses and mobile users alike! Google has launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. Tablets and Smartphones have dominated the technology industry leading to an increase in mobile users. When a web page takes too long to load, people tend to give up the search half way through resulting in high bounce rates. […]

Facebook Updates Pages for Mobile users

It is the age of smart phones and tablets and people expect to be able to access everything on their mobiles. They want the answers to their questions at their fingertips, instant access. It has never been more important for businesses to make their brand and information accessible to mobile users. Facebook has initially created […]

Use Periscope to improve their social media marketing

Periscope and its Social Media Marketing Impact Periscope is a new app linked to Twitter where people can post live videos of themselves in a specific moment. Followers can watch the live streams on their phones or computer. This is a more entertaining way of gaining information on a business rather than reading a blog. [...]

How Business are losing by ignoring the Internet

A growing number of South Africans are turning to their smartphones and other devices for information. Fin24 recently reported that South Africa is forecast to see a massive jump in internet traffic. This is exciting news for individuals and businesses who choose to market online. Hiring specialized service providers such as ATKA SA who does […]

Facebook vs

For years Facebook reigned king of the social media sphere owing to the fact that users had unlimited and free access to its population. Since the public caught wind of Facebook’s devious privacy infringement policies however, they spoke out; creating a demand for more transparent social media platforms. While many “better and more secure” Facebook […]

Why doing your own Facebook Marketing will sink your business

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are undoubtedly very active on Facebook; sometimes even more than larger companies of similar structure. If you have employed Facebook marketing as your primary or only marketing channel for some time, you have also probably noticed that the Return on Investment (ROI) – if any – doesn’t […]

Hugging like Madiba did

“Nelson Mandela has come to symbolize the triumph of hope over despair, of love over hatred.” – Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan. With Madiba day having become an almost commercialized day the ATKA SA Cross channel Marketing Team decided to go back to the drawing board. Their aim with Madiba Day 2015 was to revisit the […]

Meet Sandra and Andrew.

Meet Sandra and Andrew. Both own bakeries in Johannesburg. Their businesses are their main source of income and as small business owners, they know that marketing plays a vital role to grow their bakeries and in turn their income. Marketing however is a small part of the logistics behind running a bakery and both parties […]

Video Marketing – Youtube vs Facebook

In a world where reading has become more of a chore than a habit, video has figuratively killed the written post. A study by MDG Advertising suggests that content featuring compelling visuals averages 94 per cent more total views than those without. With the benefits of video content far exceeding that of static images, it […]

What Never to Include in your Marketing Campaigns?

Setting up an annual or monthly marketing campaign can be grueling at times and with your content going out in the open, it is important to get it done and get it done right. Read on to know the things you should never include in your marketing campaigns. Product before Hand A big missed chance […]

Why your business needs Google Plus

    Companies are jumping into social networking sites with both feet. Social media marketing is a remarkable marketing opportunity for small and medium scale business and there’s no such thing as too many means to promote or advertise. The whole point of online marketing is to make connections with clients to stay them coming […]

The ATKA SA Market Me 360 System

  The ATKA SA Market Me 360 System Do you have a small business and searching to get started with social media marketing and online marketing but don’t know how and where to start or don’t have enough resources to pay for an agency to handle this for you? Look no more, The ATKA SA […]

The biggest online marketing trends of 2015, so far

In the past few years, the internet has changed the way businesses engage with their target markets. With an ever-increasing world of social media platforms and other online tools, businesses have more power to their disposal than ever before. This year alone, numerous marketing trends have been employed to bridge the gap between business and […]

How to survive Mobilegeddon

How Google Mobilegeddon will affect your business. On 21 April, Google announced its latest algorithm update, and this time the message is clear – optimise your website for mobile users, or get demoted. While Google users sleep peacefully, unaware of how much their search experience is about to improve, companies of all sizes are frantically […]

How effective is the new Macbook Air?

Apple has always been known for the attention to detail when it comes to designing great products. Yet they have taken it to whole new level with the new Macbook. Available in Gold, Silver and the signature Space Gray it will capture anyone’s attention by simply looking at it. Don’t think that this is only […]

Marketing your Start Up Business

If you are attempting to boost a new start up business, there are some things you should know about how to market it effectively. With so many options out there in the world of online marketing, it can seem overwhelming to choose what methods will work best for your business and even to know where […]

How to Run a Social Media Campaign on a Small Budget

You know that social media is very important to marketing your business. However, you may be on a tight budget and struggling with knowing how to run a successful social media campaign on limited funds. The good thing about social media is that you don’t really need a huge budget to make it work for […]

How Online Marketing Can Help Your Startup Business

A startup business needs marketing to gain needed traction to their website and social profiles. Online marketing can help startup businesses just like yours get their name out there and bring in new business. It’s great for brand awareness, as well as building a solid presence online to boost your clientele. You don’t want to […]

How Social Media Can Benefit Your SEO

Alongside the fact that social media is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and business partners, this socialization tool also does a great job when it comes to helping your website with your organic search engine ranking. The main benefit brought by social media from an SEO standpoint comes from the […]

Why smartphones are pretty much all the same

There are a plethora of smartphones on the market, and despite the large number of applications that they offer, these devices are basically all the same. They provide us with mostly the same type of functionality, the only thing that changes is the exterior packaging and some other time the interior, which does tend to […]

How effective is a webinar

All businesses want to stand out in front of their competition nowadays, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to engage in activities that other companies similar to yours don’t perform. Webinars are quite new in the online world, but they provide any business with a great way to get connections in […]

11 Marketing tips to consider for 2015

Consider these tips in your marketing for 2015 When you own a small company, you always want to increase the number of sales that you have, and the best way to get that is by having the right promotional methods. But since the marketing environment changes each year, it’s always important to keep up with [...]

9 Reasons why mobile marketing is becoming ever more important

Why Mobile marketing is becoming ever more important Ever since its appearance a decade ago, mobile marketing’s importance has increased tremendously. Nowadays through online marketing each company can reach large numbers of people from all over the world and generate leads. Alongside this, mobile marketing also comes with a wide range of benefits that are […]

8 things you should never share on social media and why

Never Share These 8 Things on Social Media   While social media is a very good tool for any company as it provides the means to get an increased exposure and generate lots of traffic for your site, you always need to take care and avoid sharing things that might not be relevant to your […]

7 tips when making your own YouTube videos for your business

7 Tips on making your own Youtube videos for your business YouTube is by far the largest video hosting network in the world, so this means that anyone, be it person or company, has to post a video here in order to get increased exposure. This is specifically true for companies, as they can immediately […]

What is SEO and 7 tips to help you get the best from SEO

Since many businesses are offering their products/services for sale on the web, or at least own a website that’s meant to increase their visibility, it’s very important for each one of them to have a high search engine rank in order to gain the most exposure. But since there are lots of companies offering similar […]

Who is Larry Page

Many people have heard of Google and use it every day, but less few know who Larry Page is. For starters, he is the co-founder of Google and he is right now the CEO of the aforementioned company. He is listed as number 19 in the Forbes billionaires list and he has an estimated wealth […]

Why SEO is a must when re-branding your business?

Why SEO is a must when re-branding your business? Re-branding your business can bring you a lot of benefits, and some of the most important come from the fact that you have the opportunity to start over and gain more credibility from your customer base. However, re-branding can be a little tricky to perform, because […]

What makes the MarketMe automated online marketing system different?

If you want to improve the profitability of your company and expand it, then you need a professional automated online marketing program such as ATKA SA – Market Me. This product has been specifically created for small and medium businesses alike with the sole purpose of providing an efficient way of monitoring and managing their […]

Does Snapchat work businesses?

  The online marketing world is an ever changing one and as social media experts we are always looking for new innovative means of marketing to our clients. The image sharing social network that is known to be used mostly for sending “Naughty Pictures” to your contacts could also be a potential marketing tool for […]

Pinterest is great for lead generation!

As online marketing experts we will be the first to say that Pinterest isn’t perfect for the everyday marketer in every industry but it does offer a huge opportunity for most when it comes to lead generation. With almost 70 million users and growing every day you are bound to find a targeted audience which […]

Automated social media posting systems – Why do you need it?

The newest trend is social media is automated posting systems that manage your posting to your social media accounts. When this initially started there was a big “hooray!” sounding from the offices of social media experts. Finally there is a way to schedule posts to various platforms without having to sit online and wait for […]

Back linking and why it is important for your website

For any of us who have come to understand the basic premise of Search Engine Optimization, the idea of having a host of high quality back links to your website is quite a natural thing. When it comes to SEO, there are many factors that will have an impact on your ranking in the search [...]

Is Social Media Marketing Still Viable?

Facebook recently had businesses up in arms and nearly saw many a social media consultant pack their bags. All of a sudden no-one sees business posts, likes are plummeting faster than Husain Bolt can run and reach stats cause sleepless nights. What is happening? Should you take social media marketing off your to-do list?   […]

8 Google Hacks You Need To Know

8 Google Hacks You Need To Know. Google is wildly regarded as one of the most successful and socially dominant companies in the world, and it is difficult to imagine anyone in the developed world who doesn’t know what Google is used for. As a Social Media & Online Marketing company we use Google to […]

Tweetdeck based cousin made for Instagram

Prototyping company Marvel created a Tweetdeck based cousin for Instagram. Social media marketing managers and avid Instagram fans will be happy to know that you can now interact much easier on the user submitted photography platform Instagram, and allow multiple users to monitor your Instagram profile. Picdeck a web app made specifically for Instagram users […]

What are stock images, and how should you use them

Anyone who has visited a single website on the Internet will have seen a stock photo at some point, but many people may not know what a stock photo is, and will assume that the picture they see is a unique one…until they visit another website that has the exact same photo. So what exactly […]

The Low Down on Apple’s iOS 8 and Yosemite

For the last few years, Apple and Google have been locked in a friendly competitive game that would see one or the other outperform the other. This outperformance is not one that can be measured necessarily in sales numbers, but in how well they present their brand new software system at their annual events. This […]

The Sun City Superbowl | And The Winners Are…

The Winners are as following: Best Pop Album: Mafikizolo – Reunited Beste Pop Album: Karlien van Jaarsveld – Uitklophou Best Adult Contemporary Album: Shaun Jacobs – Love Can Best Rock Album: Van Coke Kartel – Bloed. Sweet & Trane Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album: Elvis Blue – Afrikaans Best African Adult Album: Zonke – Give And […]

Privacy Lawsuit: Facebook in court

Facebook’s recent entry into the public stock market has been a long time coming. Speculations began in 2010 as to when and how the entry will take place. One thing was agreed on across the board though; it would be huge. So huge, in fact, that its initial listing valuation on May 18th 2012, seemed […]

Social Media Marketing: Leon Marinus represents ATKA on DSTV!

Recently, Leon Marinus, the Operational Director at ATKA SA, was asked to do an interview on the Africa Magic Channel on DSTV. The Topic of the interview was about Social Media Marketing in Africa, and this is what he had to say…  

Since the advent of social media, how do we spend our time?

  Social media has become such a large part of our lives that we tend to not think about it as a new type of media. The fast paced and mobile nature of social media as a whole has meant that we can multitask and stay connected at the same time, whether it’s at work, […]

This is what you need to know about SEM

This is what you need to know about SEM

The basics of Search Engine Optimizing your website

The basics of optimizing your website

The rise of social media use in South Africa

As a relative newcomer to the world of social media and high-end Internet content, South Africa’s corner of the social media market has been steadily growing over the last few years, with international giants such as Facebook and Twitter battling it out over the local user base with local social networks like Mxit and 2Go. […]

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Gamification all about?

Marketing trends are constantly changing, and ten years ago, no one would have ever guessed how influential social media could have been in online marketing, yet it has become arguably the most dominant force in the marketing world today. Another trend that as taken off over the last few years is called ‘Gamification’. Gamification is […]



How to leverage holidays for your social media campaign

How to leverage holidays for your social media campaign

How to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool

How to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool

10 Ways Online & Social Media Marketing will change in 2014

10 Ways Online & Social Media Marketing will change in 2014

YouTube upgrades its comments!

YouTube upgrades its comments!

Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

Tips and Tricks for iOS7

Social media is the new word of mouth

Social media is the new word of mouth

5 ways Google Plus needs to be more like Wilson™

5 ways Google Plus needs to be more like Wilson™

Will anyone dethrone Facebook as THE Social Network?

Will anyone dethrone Facebook as THE Social Network?

New Social Media Platforms

New Social Media Platforms

New Developments in Social Media

New Developments in Social Media

What makes ATKASA one of South Africa’s leading Cross Channel Marketers?

What makes ATKA SA one of South Africa’s leading Cross Channel Marketers?

Tips for CEO’s using social media

Tips for CEO’s using social media

6 marketing revolutions in 2013

6 marketing revolutions in 2013

How Google Cards makes the Internet more personal

How Google Cards makes the Internet more personal

The Youth and Social Media

The Youth and Social Media

Will Verified Accounts Save Facebook From Clone Profiles?

Will Verified Accounts Save Facebook From Clone Profiles?

ATKA SA | What Does Windows 8 Mean For The PC

ATKA SA | What Does Windows 8 Mean For The PC



ATKA SA | Why Facebook Home Doesn’t work

ATKA SA | Why Facebook Home Doesn’t work

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

New on Facebook

New on Facebook  True to form, Facebook has yet again done some upgrades on their look. Here is what to expect: 1.    Graph Search Graph Search is probably one of the most important features that have been released by Facebook this year. It allows for users to connect with friends on Facebook who share common […]

Why hiring a marketing agency is the right move

Why hiring a marketing agency is the right move Over the past few years, a new niche has grown within the marketing world, which caters to a wider audience than any field that came before it. The use of new media and social media in particular, has increased tenfold over the last ten years, and […]

Ten Myths About Social Networking for Business

Ten Myths About Social Networking for Business  The most important thing to remember about social media is that it is still in the process of evolving.  We learn new things on a daily basis!  To keep you from any social networking misconceptions, read this comprehensive guide that reveals 10 myths of social media use and […]

New iPad5 to be Released March 2013?

New iPad5 to be Released March 2013? If a new report out of Asia is to be believed, we could be staring at the new iPad 5 by the end of March this year! The report from Macotakara in december said that Apple would release a fifth generation iPad in March 2013, which would be […]

How will Facebook’s Graph Search affect businesses and Marketers?

How will Facebook’s Graph Search affect businesses and Marketers?  At a special press conference earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg unveiled the company’s newest feature – the Graph Search. The feature will utilize the social media giant’s massive database of information (called the Graph) which contains details of connections, check-ins, likes, etc., all of […]

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?   Social Media, as it has exists currently has been around for just over ten years, with pioneers such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube being the most notable since the early part of the 21st century. However, as with all other forms of media, especially those utilizing the Internet, various […]

New Laws on Mobile Marketing in South Africa

New Laws on Mobile Marketing in South Africa Privacy laws in South Africa have been getting a lot of attention over the last four years, and as a result, many of the existing laws have been reassessed and some of them adapted to better suit the current technological state of our society. While the biggest […]

Writing a marketing plan

Writing a marketing plan   The marketing plan is a vital part of any business, whether its small, medium, or a multi-national corporation. A marketing plan, if written, researched and planned correctly will allow you to give your marketing team a starting point from which to work their plan of action from.   A marketing […]

How To Ensure an Effective Advert

How To Ensure an Effective Advert   Advertising techniques vary according to the company implementing them, but that does not mean that there are as many effective techniques as there are businesses that employ them. The reality is that many advertising campaigns either fail completely, or do not live up to their potential because of […]

7 Tips for effective marketing

7 Tips for effective marketing. Marketing your business is no longer restricted to traditional methods such as print or radio advertisements. However, implementing an effective marketing strategy using more than one medium will help you ensure maximum exposure, and will allow you to develop a more intricate marketing brand for your business. The following is […]

Why you build a mailing list as part of your marketing strategy?

Why should you build a mailing list as part of your marketing strategy?   If you are looking to market your goods and services online then it is important that you have a mailing list in place but getting one started, and then maintaining it can be difficult so you will need a good starting […]

Kaspersky: Chrome is safest browser

  A top internet security firm has recommended Google’s Chrome browser as the safest one available. “What we recommend at Kaspersky Lab is Google Chrome. It’s not an advertisement, but this is the most secure, the most protected browser on the market now,” Sergey Novikov, head of Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team. He […]

How to become a Youtube sensation

  Unless you’ve got something special like Justin Bieber and become a Youtube sensation by “accident” it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. 1.       Concept. Your concept needs to be unique and fresh. There are a zillion cat and fail videos out there and you may well be able to make some success out […]

Is Twitter a worthwhile marketing platform?

  Social media is still on the rise. The phenomenon that many people said would be nothing more than a passing trend has become one of the most utilized and easily accessible platforms they world has ever seen.   As with every Internet based phenomenon, the biggest question surrounding social media is whether or not […]

Should I use LinkedIn as part of my social marketing strategy?

  The year before Mark Zuckerburg and his partners founded the social media giant that is now used by over 900 million people around the world, LinkedIn became the brainchild of some of the most established businessmen of the time. In 2003, Reid Hoffman and various other PayPal executives founded what would become the most […]

Is Marketing On Social Media Effective?

  Social media marketing has become one of the most widely used and effective methods throughout the world. This is due in part to the accessibility of the product, broadness of reach and the sheer amount of information that can be accessed straight from your fingertips.   However, the question must be asked. Is it […]

Use Mobile Marketing in South Africa and engage customers

Use Mobile Marketing in South Africa to engage and interest customers. There are many Social Media Marketing ideas that you could use to grow your South African based business this year. Do you know what they are, and how they could work for you? What about planning to grow your business with mobile marketing in […]

Social Media Strategy to niche your South Africa biz

Social Media Strategy for your biz on South Africa Social Media Is your business involved with South Africa Social Media ? Do you have a strong business niche? Are you passionate about your biz ? Read on to find out why having a great social media strategy will lead you to showcase your passion and […]

South Africa Social Media connect your biz & grow

South Africa Social Media continues to grow, and as a local business owner in South Africa you can take great opportunities for your business. Using Social Media Marketing is a key business strategy right now and especially for small local businesses. You may or may not be thinking about it right now, but there are […]

Use Social Media South Africa to collaborate with prospects

Use Social Media South Africa to collaborate with your prospects Social Media South Africa continues to grow, more people are getting connected and building their networks of colleagues, friends,family members. They are also connecting with products and businesses and brands. You can grasp this great opportunity tocollaborate with your prospects, to help promote and develop […]

European storms threaten travel

HIGH winds, slashing rain and heavy snow will whip areas of northwestern Europe from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia on Friday. Travel by road, rail, sea and air will be subject to delay or cancellation.  The worst of the storm will target northern and central UK, along with the nearby Irish Republic, on Thursday into […]

How Twitter Works

  Until a few years ago, Facebook had an unchallenged grip on the world of social media, and remains one of the two most influential social sites in the world. The challenger is, of course, Twitter.   Having only caught the attention of the public just over three years ago, Twitter is still a relative […]

The Secrets of Facebook Marketing

  With the recent increase in traffic on social media sites, and the current trend that sees most businesses tapping into the online world for use in their marketing schemes, one of the most rewarding fields in marketing is the social media. As one of the largest social media companies in the world, not to […]

Importance of a well presented CV

  Unemployment in South Africa is an especially difficult situation to get out of once you get caught in it. The reason for this is the highly competitive nature of the working world in general.   The only way to guarantee your success during an interview or selection process is to make sure you stand […]

Is your Pay-per-click campaign working?

Are your Pay-per-click campaigns working? Are you getting any Return on your investment (ROI)? If not, what are you planning on doing about it?   Below is an article adapted form a recent Search Engine Journal post by Dave Thomas     As a small business owner, some of the first things you should do […]

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