7 Most Popular Social Media Networks – Infographic
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How to keep your marketing campaigns tastefully funny
We all enjoy a little humour in advertisements and more often than not it is the funny ads we remember
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How to start using Snapchat’s New Facial Features
The selfie trend has boomed during the last couple of years and now Snapchat has taken it to a whole
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6 Psychological tricks to turn leads into customers Part 2
In part 1, we have touched on three psychological elements, novelty, answers to questions and curiosity which draws people to
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6 Psychological tricks to turn leads into customers Part 1
The one thing a good marketer has to know is what makes consumers tick. What is it that compels consumers
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How to make people fall in love with your brand
Your brand is your business, without it consumers will have no way of distinguishing you from your competitors, no way
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Sassy, sharp and sometimes sexist: ATKA SA’S top 5 vintage ads
Although some might deny it, marketers have since the earliest of times had an effect on more than just our
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