Checklist for social media marketing with daily and weekly musts, monthly reminders and quarterly checkups


Checklist For Social Media Marketing Success


Social Media is becoming more and more competitive. Staying ahead of the competition requires you to take the optimal approaches that will contribute to your success online.

In managing your Social Media Strategy, you should adhere to several important principles that will help drive Engagement and Performance, even though platforms like Facebook and Instagram are constantly evolving.

Although there are many ways for you to do that. We’ve decided to cover the fundamentals and keep it short and simple.

To help with your Social Media Marketing journey we’ve compiled an ATKASA Social Media Marketing Checklist:

ATKASA Social Media Marketing Checklist


Daily Musts

  • Reply to comments and questions.
  • Find and respond to mentions of your brand online.
  • React to influencers’ posts and review them.
  • Find out about hot topics in the industry.
  • Explore trending hashtags.
  • Conduct keyword and thread research for industry-related topics.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on your competitors’ posts.
  • Keep your posting calendar up-to-date

Weekly Steps

  • Take advantage of your competitors’ best-performing posts.
  • Ensure your campaigns are producing results.
  • Boost well-performing posts.
  • Schedule your postings according to the weekly schedule.

Monthly reminders

  • Identify your month’s successes, then adapt your plan based on the stats.
  • Understand how your competitors are using social media.
  • Analyse your performance in comparison with that of your competitors.
  • Learn about upcoming events and news in the industry.
  • Brainstorms news ideas.
  • Plan to have a balance between educational and entertaining content next month.

Quarterly Check-Ups

  • Assess the key performance indicators (KPIs) from the last quarter.
  • Check your targeting by conducting an audience analysis.
  • All your social media channels should portray the same image of your brand.
  • Set your goals for the next quarter.