When digital marketing is applied correctly, you’ll soon be gaining more leads than you know what to do with. There is sadly a lot of room for error though. If you aren’t getting the results you’ve been hoping for, chances are, you’re making one or more of these mistakes.

Lack of proper budget

You’ve got to spend money to make money. Albeit cliché, it remains so true. Whether you are setting up a Google ads campaign or boosting posts on Facebook, you have got to be prepared to dole out some money. After all, we all receive what we pay for.

There is good news; if you have a proper ad, you need not spend a lot of money. You need only a small spark to fuel followers to share and engage on your post and with others.

You’re using too many social media platforms

Yes, you want your brand to get noticed but separating your focus on too many platforms can be a bad thing. See, each platform requires a different strategy which means if you’re trying to run a campaign on all of them; it’s going to amount to nothing but stress.

Determine those social media platforms that are relevant to your business. You might not necessarily need Instagram if you’re the owner of a pharmacy but LinkedIn is definitely a good option. This way, you can focus on moulding your campaign to best suit that social media platform’s audience and therefore ensure optimal results.

You’re forgetting to measure your results

Results tell us what works and what doesn’t. You have got to know how well people reacted on a post or ad campaign in order to figure out what needs to change. Otherwise, you won’t find that one thing your audience relates really well to.

Keep track of your results and change where necessary. MarketMe 360 is your all in one solution to social media posting and measuring results. Contact us for more information on this system.

Overlooking the small but big-deal device called Mobile

Everything is moving to mobile these days and it has quickly become mandatory, you could say, for businesses to optimise their content and website to suit mobile users. This means your site has to be fast. Mobile users want information quickly, at their proverbial fingertips.

You didn’t contact ATKASA the moment you weren’t getting the desired results

We were one of the first companies in the country to embrace Cross Channel Marketing as the most effective form of marketing strategy. We don’t just grow your leads, we become the Heartbeat of your Brand.

Can you afford to wait any longer? Contact us and let’s see where we can find a solution to your problem.