There are a lot of tips to be taken from the Americans and how they optimise a social media campaign to build a database and grow consumer trust.

The recently found Trump yourself campaign is a genius idea by Hillary for America.

The simple Facebook app allows you to add your photo to a conspicuous Trump quote, related to public statements he has made in the past.

The statements clearly are subjective with the goal in mind to grow the Clinton following but the use of social media is genius.

Those opposed to political satire have even clicked to see what happens- Do not ask how we know this.

ATKASA caught the following tips.

Link your campaign to a current craze

The recipe is simple: Take your pot: (A current trending affair or topic) add some sarcasm and humour then stir… and voila!

Keep the terms and conditions open and clear

The less small print and a lower possibility of receiving spammy content will guarantee more subscribers.

Keep your objective in mind

Lure people to a safe and convenient platform to submit their details. That is your ultimate goal isn’t it?

Use the biggest marketing tool ever: Emotion

The mostly offensive quotes in the Trump Yourself campaign hits some sensitive spots. For example, Trumps public statements about homosexual marriages and “overweight” women.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

The Trump Yourself campaign is a clear example of how three clicks at most can lead to great success on social media.