Facebook has become a very popular tool for marketers to broaden the brand-exposure of their clients.

It is an easy platform for businesses to interact with their clients on a more personal level and through Facebook Ads gain more exposure. As we know Facebook, they took it a step further having launched the Audience Network last year. This platform has shown immense growth over the recent months. The Audience Network gives advertisers the opportunity to extend their reach off Facebook and into mobile apps. Initially the proposal offered app install and engagement ads, however the addition of link ads now make it possible for any advertiser to use  the network to attract traffic to their mobile website.

How does the Audience Network work?
First, one has to apply to add ones app to the Audience Network. Then the Facebook Publisher Operations Team reviews the process thoroughly to ensure the app is of high quality. This ensures that marketers’ campaigns run in a high quality, fraud free environment. The Audience Network has three different advertisement formats namely, native, banner and interstitial. To run and ad on the Audience Network is easy. Advertisers can just check “Audience Network” in the placement section once they create an ad. The Audience Network has more advanced targeting options than the usual Facebook ads, like exclusion targeting and website custom audience targeting.

Advertiser Outcome Score
Facebook is constantly improving and monitoring the Audience Network in order to ensure advertisers get results through their campaigns. The Advertiser Outcome Score calculates its scores based on real people and outcomes to show publishers how well ads on the platform perform against News Feed. This helps marketers to evaluate how well their ads are doing and whether anything needs to be improved or changed completely. Our Social Media team at ATKA SA makes sure your brand gets adequate exposure and recognition on the appropriate social media platforms. Our cogs and wheels keep spinning to come up with interesting posts every day to ensure things stay fresh and trending on your pages. View our #Social Media Packages, choose the one that best suit your needs and call   011 024 3847   or send an E-mail to   info@atkatemp.co.za and we will assist you.