Originally launched in August 2015 as part of Facebook’s photo-sharing companion app Moments, Slideshow began testing with some users as part of the Facebook app’s status composer in December.

As more video consumption moves online and to mobile, people around the world report wanting to engage with more video content on mobile, including ads. In fact, a recent report suggests that in countries like Nigeria and the Philippines where connectivity can be slow, expensive or both and where feature phones are prevalent, people are even more receptive to video ads. – Facebook said in a statement.

In an effort to make video ads easier to create and possible to watch on every device and connection speed, Facebook is now launching slideshow, a new type of lightweight video ad created from a series of still images. Slideshow is easy for advertisers to use and engaging for people.

This is how it works
–  Simply upload three to seven still images—they can be from an existing video, a photo shoot or even stock imagery.

– Facebook will suggest you create a Slideshow all you have to do the is choose the length of your slideshow, from 5 to 15 seconds.

Slideshow reduces the need for video production time and resources, and because of its smaller file size, it extends eye-catching ads to people on basic devices or with poor connectivity Facebook states.

Who’s using slideshow?
Coca-Cola in Kenya and Nigeria ran a video ad to raise awareness of the new season of their show, Coke Studio Africa. To extend the reach of their ad to people within their target audience who were on slow connections or features phones, they took high-resolution screenshots from the video, uploaded them in sequence along with some basic text and ran the story as a slideshow on Facebook. And the results were encouraging: they reached 2 million people—twice their goal—and raised ad awareness by 10 points in Kenya.

Slideshow is rolling out to Power Editor and Ads Manager over the coming weeks. If you’re interested in setting up slideshow campaigns today, reach out to your Facebook account manager.

Watch this video for more: https://bit.ly/28XHgto