Amongst some of their new updates, Facebook has announced that they will be making changes to the Business page information section which will be effective from 1 August 2019. These changes will see the removal of “Mission”, “Biography”, “Company Overview”, “Personal Interests” and “Affiliation”. Page admins are however advised to integrate information from the mentioned sections onto the Page’s description box.

Facebook announcement of fields that will be removed from August 1, 2019Image:

Many businesses often put the same data with slight variations in different sections, so the removal will definitely help in getting rid of this habit. On a side note, “Personal Interests” and “Affiliation” sections are not known for contributing much in helping people understand a business properly.”1

This should be seen as an opportunity for businesses to review the kind of information they put up on their page as many end up cutting and pasting the same text in all fields. On the upside of it all, the removal will help with the company page listing’s efficiency as these sections are hardly read by page visitors, as well as reduce unnecessary data.

Facebook is yet to release a full list of the sections being removed.

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