FACEBOOK VS MINDS-(1) For years Facebook reigned king of the social media sphere owing to the fact that users had unlimited and free access to its population. Since the public caught wind of Facebook’s devious privacy infringement policies however, they spoke out; creating a demand for more transparent social media platforms. While many “better and more secure” Facebook alternatives did hit the web, very few actually survived long enough to give Facebook a run for its money. That is until the latest Facebook rival had stepped up to the virtual plate — Minds.com. This blog-like social media platform promises to set even the most paranoid social media users’ minds at ease. Not only is it completely free – even in terms of ad-spend – but it offers its users complete privacy. Speaking of which, this platform is so secure and transparent that it garnered the support of hactivist group, Anonymous. Minds.com is an open-source platform, which means that its online community can add to it and shape it for the best user experience. When it comes to ad-spend, Minds.com uses a similar algorithm to that of Facebook’s, with one difference — there is no exchange of actual currency between Minds.com and its users. Users earn points for their activity on Minds.com. These points can then be exchanged for paid-for, targeted exposure of their posts. So, Facebook now has a rival that is 100 per cent free, completely transparent, in no way records information privately shared between users, has full support of Anonymous and can be improved by its users. Why don’t we all then boycott Facebook and jump straight over to Minds.com? Because we take our businesses’ Social Media marketing seriously and we can’t substitute one element thereof with another that might not stand the test of time. It might seem over-sceptical for a cross-platform social media marketing company such as ATKA SA to discourage the migration from Facebook to a – for the lack of a better word – better platform, but our argument is justified. Currently, if used correctly, Facebook is a very effective social media marketing tool. When used for B2B or B2C marketing, privacy isn’t much of a concern anyway. The comfort of Facebook comes in with the fact that it is still operational and growing after some 11 years, which means that we have a stable platform to work on. While Minds.com sounds incredible in every aspect, so many other social media platforms have tried operating in similar ways; before falling aggressively short. How is Minds planning on remaining sustainable? How will the project be funded if not by targeted ads? Subsequently, how long will Minds.com remain operational? Until these questions can be answered, the safest bet is to still focus your marketing efforts towards Facebook and use Minds.com as an additional marketing tool. Depending on how long it takes South Africans to catch on and get used to Minds.com, it might still be a while until you have a proper local audience for your business on this social media platform. While you wait around for Minds to overtake Facebook in popularity, why not employ ATKA SA for the best in Cross-channel Social Media Marketing for your business. Contact ATKA SA Director Leon Marinus for the best solution to your current shortcomings.