Welcome to ATKASA Digital agency Careers section

Welcome to ATKASA – Digital Agency Careers

“Don’t wait for the world to recognise your GREATness, LIVE it and let the world catch up!”

The world of online advertising is an exciting one, filled with opportunities to develop niche skills, build a career, and grow your wealth and proficiency.
With the right amount of dedication and passion behind you, a digital marketing internship could set you on the path to an engaging, interesting, and lucrative career!


“Don’t wait for the world to recognise your GREATness, LIVE it and let the world catch up!”

Few people take charge and accountability like digital marketing freelancers do, which is why we always welcome the chance to work with passionate, dedicated, talented, and experienced entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Whether you’re an experienced freelancer or are looking at becoming a digital nomad, we would love to hear from you.

Are You Adept at Freelance Digital Marketing?

We at ATKASA are looking for the newest and most motivated talent in the industry.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of something special at the agency , we welcome you to submit your freelance digital marketing resume below.

PS: If we think based on your resume you would be a GREAT fit for us we will be in touch soon.

Contact Us & Submit your Resumé Today!

The A-team is looking for passionate, driven and creative freelancers looking to impact the digital space. You’ll work alongside us and ultimately leave your creative signature in the industry.

As the leading agency in the industry, we continue to refine ourselves in the direction of innovation and creativity, both in the work we do and in the clients we serve.

ATKASA is the best place to showcase your skillset across the industry and get your next level-up in the game.

** Due to numerous applications we receive daily we are not able to respond to everyone.

If you have not heard from us within 14 days of submission we are sorry to inform you that either we do not have a vacancy at the moment or your application is not successful at this time.

BUT don’t worry, we value the time you have taken to submit your desire to grow your career with us, so we will keep your resumé on file, and should things change we will be in contact.

Wishing you all the best in all endeavours with freelance digital marketing, and who knows, maybe we’ll welcome you as part of our team soon.