Graphic and Digital design services

Graphic Design

ATKASA offers professional graphic and digital design services that are backed by an experienced and creative team.

Whether as the cornerstone of your corporate identity or a necessary part of your online presence, professional designs are a critical part of any marketing campaign.

The Importance of Graphic & Digital Design Services

Whether for logo design, to communicate ideas visually, or to create visual assets for social media campaigns, graphic and digital design services are a long-standing staple of any successful brand.

You need to make your business identifiable in the face of competition, to be easily recognised by potential clients; and this visual identity is simply not possible without thoughtful and strategic design.

So why are professional graphics essential for your brand?

Graphic design helps build a powerful brand identity

Become instantly recognisable through your corporate identity with bold, unique, and identifiable themes, colour schemes, and logos.

Graphic design is a powerful mode of communication

A picture says a thousand words, you’ve heard it before, and it’s absolutely true. Even the most complex ideas can be communicated in a moment with the right image.

Professionalism: especially when multimedia designs are incorporated

The production value of a great design simply cannot be understated, and it paints your brand as a professional one, especially when various types of media make up your brand’s creative elements.

The Difference between Digital & Graphic Design

While the two terms are used interchangeably these days, digital and graphic design services focus on two separate areas:

  • Graphic designs concern themselves with static visuals, such as those found in print.
  • Digital design focuses on digital media, where user intractability needs to be taken into account, such as on a website or video.

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The foundation of a Great Logo

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The Role of Trademarks in Branding

trademark is a mark that legally represents something, usually a business, by their goods or services. A brand name, however, is the name that a business chooses for one of their products. A trademark is an identity; it encompasses a brand name, a slogan and/or a logo. Upon starting a business or creating a product/service, you would want to be identifiable among your competitors. …