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In today’s digital business world, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities across a variety of platforms and channels in real-time.

ATKASA, a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Johannesburg South Africa, combines progressive, data-driven thinking with in-depth knowledge garnered from our many years’ experience within the digital marketing space. Which translates to outstanding, meaningful and measurable results for our clients

As a full-service Digital Marketing hub, we boast an extensive list of clients from all sectors both locally and Internationally. In this fast-paced, ever-changing environment, we pride ourselves on being unapologetically client-centric to ensure we consistently deliver unmatched service, design, and best-practice innovations that place you at the forefront of your industry.

Our energetic team of leading professionals are passionate about what they do – from social media content development to world-class web design.

With passion dedication and a lot of coffee every task handed to us will be tackled head on


Given our commitment to excellence we strive to deliver great work that is on brief, on budget and on time. Whether you are a multi-national or an entrepreneur just starting out, we treat each piece of business as though our very livelihood depends on it – which in our view, it quite literally does. Our success is built on solid relationships with our clients, not contractual obligations – which is how we plan to keep it. If you are looking for an agency to take your brand into the stratosphere, you need look no further.



Our class-leading CRM traffic and billing system that enables our clients to view, in real time, the status of any project, how many hours have been spent on their business, invoices, all email communication, even transcripts of telephone conversations! This can also be accessed on-the-go via our innovative mobile App putting our clients in full control of their business’

Social media systems


Our specialist-designed social media systems enable our clients to have instant access to their monthly content plans, across multiple platforms, to review, amend and comment upon all quite literally immediately. This allows us practically unheard-of turnaround times that continue to meet and exceed client expectations.

Report generation


From lead generation to Google Adwords and everything in between we insist on delivering robust, data-driven and transparent reports that highlight where and what is working. At any given time, we are able to pro-actively address any possible challenges – long before these have been identified and flagged as issues. Ensuring our clients get the full picture.


Digital campaigns & strategies

As a leading Digital Agency, our first point of departure is formulating stand out digital strategies and campaigns for our clients. Campaigns that not only get you noticed but additionally deliver tangible results. Our many years of experience, have garnered us an enviable reputation, based on robust data-centric methodologies and best-in-class systems. Tailormade around your specific objectives, budget and vision, our winning team of digital prodigies are here to take your digital campaigns quite simply into the ether.

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SEO: Search Engine OptimisationFact: Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Which makes the challenge of ensuring your brand remains at top of Google rankings that much more, well, challenging. Challenge accepted. Fact: utilising best practice SEO, white-hat tactics we aim to put, and keep, your brand on top. Our pioneering, data-driven solutions include keyword research, technical SEO, full SEO audits, consulting and campaign management.

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Social meida marketing & ManagementIt is an undeniable truth that social media has become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. One of the most cost-effective, measurable means of enabling marketers to rapidly build brand awareness, drive and maintain a positive reputation, retain consumer loyalty and promote lead generation. Boasting a veritable tribe of social media whizz kids, we specialize in strategic social media campaigns work. Using real-time metrics and guided by delivering on your ROI, we can help you navigate the New World that is social media via: social media strategy development, consulting, advertising, community engagement and management.

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Web design & developmentAs the first point of interaction consumers are likely to have with your brand, your website is pivotal in engaging and retaining the interest of your target audience. As industry experts, in this digital age, we drive trends, we don’t follow them. We believe in building websites that live beyond the “now”. Our full spectrum services include: performing detailed website audits that effectively improve site architecture, design, and responsiveness, coding, hosting and management, conversion optimisation and mobile development.

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Video Production & Editing

No longer the preserve of a select few, and as part of our commitment to providing a full-service offering, we are justifiably proud of our in-house video production and editing capabilities. Providing our clients with pioneering technology, class-led expertise, unrivalled turnaround times at a fraction of the cost we, at ATKASA, are here to serve you. From a simple editing job, to a corporate video to an all-out production we have what it takes.

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3D and animationIn keeping with our constant efforts to ensure that we offer our clients a 360-degree marketing solution, we have recently upskilled our team to deliver on 3D and animation services. 3D is the way of the future and has proved to be extremely cost-effective. Our team would love the chance to bring your brand to life, so contact us to discover what we can do.

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Product & brand photographyReady to elevate your brand? Then it’s time to match your presence with the perfect images to match! Till today, a picture is still worth a thousand words and that is why we at ATKA SA want to help enhance the value of your brand’s identity through image representation, from social media to your website and print. Our in-house production team is fully equipped and ready to convey the quality of your work to life.

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Chatbot developmentModify the way in which you interact with your clients and speed up customer resolutions with a chatbot service customized to suit your company’s needs. With the latest technology, customer experience is now seamless. We at ATKA SA are here to create chatbot solutions to simplify your business solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Programmatic Advertising

Once the stuff of imagination, programmatic advertising has become a reality – a powerful science- and data driven exercise that gives organisations more bang for their advertising buck. Simply put, programmatic advertising takes the legwork out of the arduous process of identifying where your consumers are most likely to view and react to your messaging. Our enhanced systems automate the buying, placement and optimization of digital media inventory to provide measurable outcomes for your brand.

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Creative design studioInspired by excellence our energetic design team, are committed to crafting bespoke corporate identities, branding and beyond. Our services extend from simple logo design to a full re-branding exercise. Ahead of the curve, we believe in creating branding as unique as your business. For impactful design, that is a visual feast, let us bring your brand to life.

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Mobile & e-mail marketingWith a penetration of over three per household, mobile phones have become an ever-more ubiquitous part of lives. Coupled with immediate access to email services, this is quite literally communication on the go. With this said, few organisations, can afford to forego this invaluable tool in connecting with their consumer at every available touchpoint. As part of our vast repertoire we boast an exceptional track record in both mobile and email marketing campaigns, that have resulted in exceptional value-driven promotions. We’d like to do the same for you – let us show you how.

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Media strategy & planningWith more and more marketing platforms on offer, the “Traditional” media model is dead. Coupled with consumers that are becoming increasingly difficult to target, a detailed media strategy and its effective implementation has become a vital component of the marketing mix. Let our in-house media specialist take the headache out of your media strategy to optimise both your marketing efforts and budgets. Utilising industry accepted tools and emulating international trends, we are committed to producing demonstrable returns on your marketing investment.

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Search engine marketing also known as Google AdsAs one of our key areas of specialisation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our targeted approach ensures your brand achieves top position when it comes to search results for queries that to relate to your brand and audience. This invaluable tactic provides an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to both quantifiable revenue growth and identifying potential additional revenue streams. Our workable search engine offerings are: search engine strategy development, research, campaign set-up, marketing campaigns and optimisation.

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Digital content & video compilationContent is King. And nowhere is this more important than in today’s continuously evolving marketing landscape. Driven to create stand-out content, that truly engages with your audience, our innovative team of professionals, are always on point, on brief and on budget. We specialise in digital content strategy, graphic design, multi-language content and video production. Let us assist you to strategically plan, produce, and actively promote content that speaks both to your market and your bottom line.

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Brand & media monitoringDemonstrable results are what have shaped our success as a business. A vital tool in our arsenal, is the measurement and tracking of our clients’ campaigns and their efficacy through the employment of leading measurement systems that improve our insights and drive constant innovation to meet –and very often exceed –client expectations. If you want marketing that works as hard as you do, contact us.

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At ATKASA we believe in long term relationships not long term contracts




At ATKASA we believe in the adage: if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.
We place enormous value and trust in our dedicated and passionate team that are all experts in their respective fields. Our flat management structure allows every staff member to take accountability and thrive in the environment we jointly create and nurture.

Each team member subscribes to the company ethos of constantly improving and innovating to deliver both on your, and our, goals.

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  • Within weeks my clients has received good response on their social media investment through ATKA Online Trading.

    Sonja Horn
    Sonja Horn
  • I have found the ATKA team to be professional, and to have the ability to promptly understand my requirements. They are, additionally courteous, respectful, and know the meaning and value of service. The team has been available each time I have been in need to contact them, never leaving me stranded.

    Mampho Brescia
    Mampho Brescia
  • During the past five years, our team has worked directly with ATKA SA - Cross Channel Marketing Specialist's, Leon Marinus, Operations Director of ATKA SA and his team on numerous online projects. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates.

    Emiel Crause
    Emiel Crause
  • Their enthusiastic and experienced team has been hosting our Social Media Platforms for a number of months and we managed to see our platforms moving into a very positive territory.

    Juan-Pierre Du Buisson
    Juan-Pierre Du Buisson
  • Atka SA has been a great fit for Clamber Club. Leon and the team have helped set us up on our social media platforms and provided us with the brilliant programme to manage all our social media posts. Their impeccable service and response time has assisted us in ensuring our email platform runs smoothly and effectively.

    Kate Alberda
    Kate Alberda
  • Leon at ATKSA provided us with a great service during our contract term with the company. Account Manager Bianca has always been ultra-professional and superb with meeting our timelines and providing reporting. Feedback given to ATKSA was always received well, acted on and subsequently delivered. It has been a pleasure working with this team!

    Sujatha Daniel McMurtrie
    Sujatha Daniel McMurtrie
  • ATKASA's service is excellent in every way, from expertise through to delivery

    Trevor Olive
    Trevor Olive Initiative
  • Since ATKASA, our Social Media, Advertising sites & overall company artwork never looked better! It is striking, pretty and professional all at the same time! Thank you ATKASA!

    SkyWire Management
    SkyWire Management SkyWire
  • Awesome people, I absolutely love working with them! And their work is unbelievable, I never thought I would have such a beautiful, professional looking website. They blew me away! I would recommend them to anyone!

    Tanya Wagenaar Owner Studio 89
  • Awesome team to work with - Always willing to go the extra mile … absolute whizzes when it comes to assisting in making your brand more professional - highly recommend working with them to grow your brand to the next level

    Antonia Lazaridis
  • We worked with ATKA SA and the team rendered great service, they displayed a high level of expertise, dedication and professionalism

    Kate Kganyago Department of Arts & Culture
  • Great service great team! we have been very happy with you guys - thank you

    Liz Zenior
    Liz Zenior Owner Clamber Club
  • Super service orientated and strategically focused!

    Debbie-Lee Moses
  • We were impressed with the quality of the content, quick turnaround, and social media engagement the team has been able to drive.

    Sneha Bijlani
    Sneha Bijlani Hilton Hotels - Executive Marketing and eCommerce Consulting
  • ATKASA are a fundamental part of our team – they bring the WOW factor to all that we do. We appreciate their hand on approach and they always go the extra mile. The team is dynamic, creative, professional, flexible and always loads of fun to work with – we have many laughs. We always look forward to working on new projects with them as we know they will deliver, exceeding our expectations. We love ATKASA!

    Gaby Lipschitz
    Gaby Lipschitz Marketing Supervisor - Herbalife Nutrition Southern Africa
  • It’s great working with a Digital Agency like ATKASA, knowing that they keep up with the ever changing industry and trends. They have an amazing CRM system and it’s a pleasure working with such a passionate team. I would highly recommend ATKASA to everyone - big and small businesses.

    Nicoli Wiese Nativa Pty Ltd


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