Apple has always been known for the attention to detail when it comes to designing great products. Yet they have taken it to whole new level with the new Macbook. macsAvailable in Gold, Silver and the signature Space Gray it will capture anyone’s attention by simply looking at it. Don’t think that this is only a pretty picture, the new Macbook packs a powerful punch. With a new, bigger keyboard, Apple has put in the effort at the simplest details. They have specially engineered the keys and the functioning mechanisms with each key allowing a better and more responsive type. The new Macbook also sports a 12-Retina Display with over 3 million pixels ensuring an amazing and rich display perfect for graphics and photo re-touching. All which can be done on the whole new trackpad. The Force Touch trackpad allows for a whole new working experience as with each click the system monitors the pressure being applied, determining what is being done. If that doesn’t highten your experience using the new Macbook, the haptic feedback will. This allows for a short burst of vibration just delicate enough to feel what you are doing on-screen. And yes all the multi touch gestures work on this bad boy. Then the two best features about the new Macbook: Larger Battery: The new Macbook allows for up to 9 hrs active battery life, meaning with the use of sound, internet, imagery or video. By in creating a newly designed battery up to 35% larger than previous versions you’ll get the best, out of the best. The battery is designed to make use of any and all open space in the actual product meaning a three layered battery. USB-C Port: The new Macbook comes with one port, yes just one. One to do it all! The USB-C Port allows for the device to be charged in a flash, do all your data transfers with a speedy USB 3 data port as well as connect your HDMI cable to it for easy sharing or smarter working. The new Macbook however does not have all the features of the Macbook Pro. This can be a problem if you need to use a disk or more that one plug-in devices in one go.