Facebook has rolled out a brand new feature enabling businesses to publish articles instantly on Facebook. This can be anything from news alerts to blog posts related to your industry.

What is an Instant Article?

It is an HTML5 document optimized for speedy mobile performance. This publishing feature enables you to bring your stories to life with branded designs and a customized visual display. In publishing your articles on Facebook, your audience gets to enjoy the news you share first hand without having to go to the blog on your website.

Benefits of Instant Articles Improved reader experience:

Your blog might take a while to load on mobiles causing great frustration for the reader. Instant Articles displays articles much faster than your average mobile browser.

A new set of tools to bring your article to life visually: You might encounter some limitations when publishing your blog post in terms of appearance. Or perhaps you don’t have the required skills to masterfully publish your articles. With Instant Articles, you have access to a set of creative tools enabling you to place high-resolution images, auto-play videos and other interactive content and captions in your post.

Greater exposure for your blog and reputation: People aren’t always willing to leave their social media network to visit another site to read your blog article. People gain immediate access to your news article once you publish it with Instant Articles. With a clever call to action, you can convince more people to visit your website and increase views. Facebook has recently opened Instant Articles to brands through Steller. Brands using Steller’s publishing tool can add call to action features such as “Call now” or “Book now” to increase clicks and views.

How to publish Instant Articles:

Step 1: Go to the Instant Articles Tools on your Facebook Page This will only become available once your company has been approved to join the Instant Articles program.

Step 2: Claim your URL You need this URL to be able to publish Instant Articles pointing to content on that domain.

Step 3: Download Facebook Pages App You will need this app to preview your Instant Articles in order to test and debug them.

Step 4: Choose your Template These templates enable you to customize the look and feel of your Instant Articles. You can access the Style Editor in the Instant Articles Configuration page. A high resolution version of your brand logo is required.

Step 5: Build an RSS Feed for Instant Articles This step makes it easier for you to publish an entire inventory of content every day directly from your existing content management system.

Step 6: Connect RSS Feed to your Facebook Page Save your feed URL so that you can test it. This feature is available in the Instant Articles Configuration page.

Step 7: Set up your analytics and ads This is optional but if you decide to include ads in your articles, you can integrate your ad server directly to your HTML.

Step 8: Ensure your Articles follow Instant Articles Policies Instant Articles have specific policies and guidelines. Use the Article Submission Checklist to ensure your articles are ready for review.

Step 9: Prepare 50 Articles for review by Facebook Before Facebook approves you, you have to submit 50 articles with ads enabled to show the design and interactive features you intend to use. You can submit articles, receive feedback and communicate with your reviewer in the Instant Articles configuration page.

Step 10: Voila, start publishing! Once your Instant articles feed has been approved, you are set to go. Then it is up to you when and what to start publishing.

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