Unless you’ve got something special like Justin Bieber and become a Youtube sensation by “accident” it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

1.       Concept. Your concept needs to be unique and fresh. There are a zillion cat and fail videos out there and you may well be able to make some success out of it, but you won’t become a superstar. Be the first guy to make a video of chiselled vegetables or of how you skydive whilst playing guitar (we take absolutely no responsibility for any trying the last one)

2.       Quality. Shaky videos from webcams, in various shades of grey don’t make for fun viewing unless you enjoy nausea. Make sure your videos are properly recorded with an HD camera, in proper lighting and preferably with good microphones. If all the above is in place, good editing is key! Great material + bad editing = bad video; you want great material and great editing.

3.       Keep it short. Yes, it’s that simple. Especially if you’re starting out, posting 20min+ videos is not going to help you reach 1 million views quickly. Statistically the second largest drop off of viewers watching a video takes place at the 2 minute mark, so keep it less than that. Interesting to note, the largest drop off of viewers takes place at around the 5 second mark, so you literally have less than 5 seconds to grab their attention…

4.       Social Media. It would be a good idea to cultivate a large social media following with whom you can share your awesome videos, if they really are awesome, they’ll be shared! That’s called going viral!

5.       Paid ads. Viral marketing may grow exponentially, but they usually start off very slowly. No matter how great your video, throwing some well-crafted Facebook/Youtube ads at it will make a HUGE difference.

Written by:

LP Louw