How To Ensure an Effective Advert   Advertising techniques vary according to the company implementing them, but that does not mean that there are as many effective techniques as there are businesses that employ them. The reality is that many advertising campaigns either fail completely, or do not live up to their potential because of poor use of graphics, failed research, bad copy writing or any other reason that may affect potential customers idea of a company. The following is a list of a few basic tips on how to ensure good, impactful advertising campaigns. Obviously the techniques will vary depending on your company’s style, but the basics remain the effective through all fields.   1.    Incorporate graphic elements   The graphic element of your ad is there to attract the readers’ eyes and interest them enough to read your body copy. The graphic element usually calls attention to, or complements, the headline — the two elements work together to create the overall ambience of the ad.   2.    Make your advert eye-catching and outstanding   In any space you buy advertising, remember that you will be competing against other adverts, some of which may have been worked on and researched for a lot longer than yours. Take a hard look at the other ad’s words, photos, colors, styles, fonts, sizes and styles, until you have a good idea and image in your head for how your ad will be better, bolder and more enticing then the others.   3.    Create a connection between your ad and your product   If you’re posting an ad for a vehicle, make sure to show the specific model you’re planning on selling. Alternatively, if your advert appears online and is linked directly to your online store or catalogue, make sure to redirect the hyperlink directly to the page for the product in your advert. For instance, if you’re advertising a t-shirt design, link the potential buyer directly to the page where they can choose their size and payment method. If you link to your home page, they might not be in the mood to buy your product anymore once they have finished browsing your entire catalogue looking for the correct one.   4.    Know your audience   Make sure you’re advertising to the right audience. Use market research if it is an advert fort an existing product in your catalogue, or for a new product, be sure that you understand what your current market is and how you can add to it with potential new customers and market bases.   5.    Understand your USP   You should know your product and company well enough to know what your Unique Selling Point is. Focus your advert on the one compelling reason that makes you different from the competition, otherwise you will confuse your reader if you were to try to list ALL the reasons you’re product works. The Unique Selling Point is often also referred to your brand positioning, and can usually be effectively used in either a hard-hitting headline, or a bold, eye-catching image.