How to leverage holidays for your social media campaign   Many companies use the holiday season, whether its Christmas, Halloween or Valentines Day as a way of getting customers more involved with their products and services. By doing this, they not only allow their customers to interact with them, but they show their clients and potential future clients the lighter side of their business. Here are a few ideas on how you could use the holidays as a marketing tool to help boost your social media coverage and interaction on your pages.   1.     Build up to the day   A lot of people tend to forget about holidays, not because they don’t enjoy them, but simply because we all get so busy doing other things. Use your social media profiles to create a build up to the day for one or two weeks before the time, perhaps with a competition or a series of posts that count down to a climax or a product giveaway, etc. Remember not to go too far overboard too early, since people may get fed up and just ignore your posts until the shenanigans are over.   2.     Theme your posts and profiles around the holiday   Take the time to put our some appropriately themed posts, such as pictures, fun facts, links and songs that relate to the day. Get people to interact and comment with their favorite holiday memory, or ideas on how they think the holiday should be celebrated. Take the time to design a new profile picture for Facebook and Twitter (as well as cover photos if applicable) that feature your logo or name in some holiday themed style, but make sure to remove it and replace it with something more recognizable once the holiday is over. No one wants to see a Christmas profile picture after January!   3.     Get your staff to participate on their own profiles   A good idea for the holidays is to show your fans and clients that your staff are having fun too. Get everyone in your office to post pictures on their accounts of them having fun and participating in the festivities on their own accounts. You might want to create a specific hashtag that will allow all the photos or videos to be viewed in one place and to get more people to join in. Alternatively, allow one of your staff members to do a ‘takeover’ event, where they live tweet or post their day on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from your company’s profile, giving the audience a bit of a sneak peek behind the curtain, and showing them how an average day in the office would look.