It is finally here! Last year, Facebook announced a new feature allowing you to change your Facebook profile picture into a GIF-like video. At this point it is only available to iPhone users, however, if you are an Android user, don’t be discouraged; it’s coming soon! Have you changed your profile picture yet? If not, here’s how to do it. 1) Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and go into your profile. Facebook profile video 12) Tap on the camera image on your profile picture. An option will appear asking you to “Take a New Profile Video”. Facebook profile video 2 3) Record your short video or upload a video and tap “next”. Now tap the bar on the bottom to choose your thumbnail that will appear as your profile picture when the video is not playing. Facebook profile video 3 Facebook profile video 4 4) Tap “save” and there you go! Your video will be uploaded as your profile picture. Facebook profile video 5   Not happy with the video you have uploaded? Here’s how to delete the video:

  1. Go to your albums and tap your “Videos” album.
  2. Simply tap on the profile video you would like to delete.
  3. Tap on “Options” in the bottom-right corner and then select “Delete video”.
  4. Remember, if you have just uploaded a profile video, it might take a few minutes before you can delete it.

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