The selfie trend has boomed during the last couple of years and now Snapchat has taken it to a whole new, whacky level. Would you like to swop faces with your friend when taking a selfie together? What are all the rainbows in everyone’s selfies all about? Listen up because here’s how to start using Snapchat’s new facial features.

  1. You’ll need to update the app

If your apps do not update automatically, just go to your app store, tap on ‘updates’ and manually update your Snapchat.

  1. Prepare your Selfie

Pose as you would with any normal selfie. The lenses will scan your facial features and draw grid lines fitting your face.

  1. Focus the grid lines properly

Make sure you focus the grid lines properly and are happy with the setting otherwise you might end up with rainbows coming out of your nose or eyes. In order to realign the grid, just press the centre of your face until the grid lines reappears.

  1. Choose your lens

Here is where you can start having fun. Just scroll horizontally through the selection of lenses and pick one.

  1. Simply follow the directions and actions required

Some lenses don’t require any actions from your side. However, a couple of them will ask you to adjust your features to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows for example in order for it to work.   Now you have the basics down, enjoy yourself and share your silly new selfies with your friends.   Have you made use of this new feature yet? What is the most fun you have had so far?