Every day social media is abuzz with new trending topics which can change in a matter of minutes. Latching on to trends on twitter is a great way for your business to get noticed. How, then do you fully take advantage of a trending topic? Let’s give you the lowdown. Stay one step ahead of the game Know what? Make that several steps. Trends are all about perfect timing and you certainly do not want to be the last to jump on them. This is why you have to constantly keep an eye on sites like Trendsmap. Watching both local and international news is also a perfect way to stay on top of things. Use the trending # correct The trending hashtags all have different purposes and meanings. Take #Knockout for instance, it can mean anything from Mike Tyson’s title fight to a new running campaign to fight against women abuse. If the topic means the latter and you say for instance, “New #Knockout belts for men available,” then you might have a serious controversy on your hands. You have to do the research behind the topic and understand it correctly before you use it. This way you avoid both a law suit and embarrassing your company. Distinguish between real and fake trends There are loads of other businesses fighting their way to the top of social media by creating a topic and holding thumbs that it starts trending. You have to dig through all of those and jump on the gold. Real trending topics are usually the more controversial and interesting hashtags. They are fairly easy to notice. Start tweeting Now that you’ve identified your topic it is time to use it to your advantage. Start participating in the conversation in order to get your business’ name out there. Don’t limit your hashtag to twitter, use it on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well. Spread the word and get involved. The more you contribute to the conversation the more people you will attract to your sites. Don’t get too sentimental over trends As embarrassing as it is to be the last to jump on a trend, it is even more embarrassing to still use it when it died. As trends keep changing by the hour or day, it is vital you change with them. Don’t continue using a hashtag when people are clearly over the subject. Seek a new topic and start this process all over again. Track your results A big part of social media marketing is to figure out what your audience relates to. A topic can be trending, yes, but if your company’s audience does not latch onto the subject, then you have to try something else. Try different things, and make use of an app to show you how well each topic performed. This way you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. MarketMe 360 is an online software program that will do the monitoring across all social media platforms for you. Create and schedule not only social media posts for all platforms but also blog posts and a great deal more. It is your one stop app for your total social media needs. Click here for more information about this system and seal the deal to sweet Social Media marketing success.