Until a few years ago, Facebook had an unchallenged grip on the world of social media, and remains one of the two most influential social sites in the world. The challenger is, of course, Twitter.   Having only caught the attention of the public just over three years ago, Twitter is still a relative newcomer in terms of media giants. One of the reasons for it taking so long to work is the fact that it seems incredibly intimidating in the beginning. First time users are bombarded with things such as ‘followers’, 140-character limits, ‘hashtags’, mentions and account authentication.   Using Twitter, however, has become a vital tool in online marketing due to the number of people a single account is able to reach. There are a few things to remember when using this as a tool though, because things can quickly become overwhelming and intimidating (not to mention confusing).   First and foremost: sort out your reach. In the Twitter world, you have followers (people who will see your posts), and they people who you follow (and whose posts you will then, in turn see). One mistake people tend to make is to follow everyone they can find. Doing this will clog up your news feed and you will only see a percentage of the possible posts. Try to follow accounts related to your specific market, whether its experts, aficionados, enthusiasts or companies, these accounts will create a stronger base for you than +4000 users that don’t know anything about your industry. You also don’t want to have your page viewed and have only two followers, but you’re following over 4000. This tends to create the impression that you are inactive, or are only there to spam other accounts.   The other important use is the hashtagging function. This is done by inserting a ‘#’ before any word you want to be linked to your post. Then any other user that does the same will be linked to your post in a feed, making it easier for you and other users to search for specific keywords relevant to whatever it is you might be looking for.   If you are still unsure about how to use Twitter as a marketing tool after this, one of the best things you can do for your business is to allow professional social media marketing teams to aid you in running your accounts and feeds. ATKA Online specializes in online social marketing and SEO improvement that will increase the visibility of your company in the areas that it matters most. Visit the ATKA website or send an e-mail for more info on how to make your mark in the social media market.