Unemployment in South Africa is an especially difficult situation to get out of once you get caught in it. The reason for this is the highly competitive nature of the working world in general.   The only way to guarantee your success during an interview or selection process is to make sure you stand out as much s possible above the rest of the candidates. By doing this, the person or panel doing the selections will find themselves drawn back to your résumé, as individuality is what ultimately stands out in todays society.   An easy way to do this (and possibly the most important) is to create a firmly grounded CV. This may seem like you would have to write it extremely professionally, use words you barely understand, or even create an entirely new persona to be used in your ‘professional life’.   However, that is not what makes the best CV, and a lot of the time, the selection team/individual will be able to spot the ones that tried too hard. Instead, rely on the fundamentals. Let the résumé reflect who you are. Don’t be too informal though, it is still ultimately a professional summary of your achievements. Also, be as meticulous as possible. Outline every position you have ever held, and give a description of the exact responsibilities you held during that time. It is very important to build up as much experience during your career as possible, as most companies would prefer to hire someone that is comfortable in their particular industry or position instead of having to train someone from the ground up.   By having a strong CV, being as confident as you can (without being overly so), and articulating your strength and weaknesses as well as possible, the edge in any interview process can be yours. After all, practice does in fact make perfect, and learning from past mistakes will inevitably make you stronger.