The digital marketing space has in more ways than one improved the way in which brands are able to remain relevant in their market. Not only have digital marketing strategies proven to be instantaneous but they also put an emphasis on customer satisfaction. The age-old practice of promoting a brand through aggressive advertising methods is simply not enough-a more personal approach needs to be taken by the organisation to increase their customer engagement. Inviting the customer to view your product should be your brands aim-as this is a softer-approach, making your product more relatable to your target audience.

The inbound marketing concept- which was coined by HubSpot is a process which involves the creation of content which subtly draws the client to your brand using unorthodox ways which are relevant to your market at that time. The strategy involves three steps: a) to attract clients, b) convert them and c) ensure they remain satisfied*. Once these steps are completed, the results should yield increased customer retention through social media efforts such as Facebook posts and YouTube videos. Brands such as Nando’s and Capitec Bank have earned their way into consumers’ hearts through their out-of-the-box marketing campaigns which have led to strengthened customer relationships.

This strategy can be achieved using one of two mechanisms: earned or owned media. Owned media is defined as the forums which an organisation has complete control over such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Via these channels, brands are able to post content which isn’t forcefully imposed on their followers, instead they use these channels to keep customers informed on product news and engage with them on a more personal level. An example of this is the cheeky content posted by brands such as Nando’s who never miss an opportunity to apply satirical humour to trending news. Conversely, earned media involves the popularity a brand gets to enjoy through online conversations regarding them, in other words, digital public relations comes into play. An example of this would be major news outlets on Twitter reporting the announcement by Capitec to decrease their banking charges, which led to banking service provider to trend online.

Capitec Bank Twitter Post Snapshot
Nando's Twitter post Snapshot

The benefits a brand can reap from this concept range from the formation of close-knit relationships to its cost effectiveness. Through their tongue-in-cheek posts, Nando’s has become a national treasure which South Africans have grown to love. Capitec was able to capitalise on their banking fees announcement as they trended- which they did not have to invest a cent on.

At ATKASA, we have found that in order for inbound marketing to be successful, smart and innovative content plans need to be created to achieve maximised results. Our content creators are well-versed in this regard and deliver unorthodox ideas which we guarantee will assist your business in improving its brand’s awareness, and retaining customers. Give us a call on 011 024 3847 or send us an email at and we will gladly engage you regarding all your marketing requirements.