Facebook was launched 11 years ago and it has grown insanely during that time. So, we thought it appropriate to explore the depths of this vast social media site and reveal to you 5 secrets you might not have known about Facebook’s News Feed section.

  1. It initially caused widespread upset

The News Feed section was created a year and a half after Facebook’s launch. People did not respond well to this new feature, in fact, they protested. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, wrote in a letter that they really “messed this one up”. Why? The News Feed allowed users to track their friends’ every move on Facebook causing a lot of privacy issues. After nonstop coding for 2 days, the team came up with a more private means to use this feature. Users could select which stories they wanted to go on their Mini-Feed.

  1. Facebook gives every post in your feed a “relevancy score”

The News Feed algorithm can predict whether people will click, like, comment, share, hide or mark a post as spam. It combines all of these predictions to create a relevancy score and then puts the posts in the order they end up appearing in your feed. Facebook therefore only shows the user the ads they might find most relevant.

  1. The Like button wasn’t created until 6 years after Facebook was launched

Millions of people around the globe use the Like button to engage on their friends’ posts and images. Although it may feel like a long time, the little thumb only appeared on Facebook 6 years after the site’s launch. Why did they create it then? Without it, Facebook’s engineers have a hard time to measure the popularity of the posts. They had to use their intuition. The Like button seems like such a simple function yet it was one that made the engineers’ jobs vastly easier. With this little button, they could now more accurately calculate the interest shown in the posts and which posts simply bored the users. It had a massive impact on not only the engineers’ within Facebook but also the user experience. People can influence each other’s user experience.

  1. You can save stories to read later

People and businesses aren’t only sharing regular updates on News Feed but also links to articles and news stories. If you don’t have time to read it and you’re worried it will be replaced by another post in a couple of minutes, just save it. Just click on the ˇ symbol and then click save link. You can save links to articles, shows, events and more to check out later.

  1. Handpick whose updates show up first in your News Feed

We all have many posts showing up in our News Feed and it’s easy to get lost amongst all of them. You also have your favourite page or friend whose posts you care to see the most. This is why you can set up your News Feed in such a way as to see the most important updates first. To set up this function, you can click on the ˇ symbol in the right-top corner of a Facebook page and click on “News Feed Preferences”. Then go to “Prioritize who to see first” and pick the pages or people who’s updates you’d like to see first. Now that we are well up to date with Facebook’s News Feed function, it’s time to get some posts of your business out onto Facebook. We can help with that. Our Social Media department takes care in coming up with fresh and relevant posts to get your business’ name out there. Send an email to info@atkatemp.co.za and sit back while you reap the ROI.