Social media is still on the rise. The phenomenon that many people said would be nothing more than a passing trend has become one of the most utilized and easily accessible platforms they world has ever seen.


As with every Internet based phenomenon, the biggest question surrounding social media is whether or not it will provide sufficient cause and opportunity for product and brand marketing. It is an incredibly valid question, considering the rate of growth that can be seen happening in social media networks around the world.


Twitter, which is considered the second largest social media networking site in the world, having surpassed 500 million users early in 2012 is thought by many to be a perfect platform for branding and various marketing programs, due to its accessibility and uniquely interactive interface.


Social media users have been targeted since the outset as a market for businesses to tap into. While Twitter is only the second largest social network in the world, its 500 million users is an unbelievably large market that can be tapped by any team. An estimated 140 million users are actively involved in Twitter, and it has been considered that this number could almost double within the next year. This high number of active members generates almost 400 million tweets per day.


Marketing on Twitter can take on various forms, as the network is so vast and adaptive that the fast-paced input-output method that attracts most users can be molded to suit any style. For example, hashtags (words or key phrases that are prefixed with a ‘#’) can be used to follow any mention of a certain word or phrase over a certain period of time in order to receive feedback from followers. Companies might implement a series of keyword blurts that allow their followers to familiarize themselves with their products through catchy hashtags and to-and-fro tweeting.


Another important part of the brand elevation on Twitter is the verified account mark. This allows companies, celebrities and influential individuals to become verified by Twitter, thereby confirming their authenticity and relevance to the world and cementing their name into their particular niche.


There are many other ways that Twitter can help make marketing simpler and faster for you or your company, the trick is simply to find your market and continue finding new and innovative ways of keeping your followers interested.


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