We all enjoy a little humour in advertisements and more often than not it is the funny ads we remember the most. See, commercials with a witty joke in it provides those watching with something to share around the braai or at the office; it’s entertaining. However, if done poorly, your business might end up being the joke instead.
Here’s how to do it right…

First, determine your audience and whether they will appreciate the humour

Not all businesses can necessarily use humour in their marketing campaigns. Beer can, hospitals trying to recruit blood donors, however, can’t. Call it a simple example but you’d be surprised how many businesses use humour at the wrong time.

Okay, so maybe your audience can handle a joke, you still need to sort out what kind of joke they are most likely to get. Consider their age, gender and status. A trendy traveller from Sandton might not find something as funny as a middle aged accountant living in Randburg.

Once you’ve determined your audience, you’re half way there.

Determine your goal behind the joke

We know, we know, when are we getting to the actual joke part? For this stunt to work, you need proper planning. So often the intended message gets lost behind the joke and people end up laughing yes, but forgetting the name of your business.

Your message should always be in the forefront of your mind and everyone else’s. Mould the humour around that. Keep it light and remember that element of surprise.

Thinking of going controversial, are we?

Politics, religion, sex and rugby are the four most controversial conversation starters in South Africa. In order for the controversial route to work, you need two things: a lot of guts to back it up and an excellent copywriter.
If done poorly you will be talked about for the wrong reasons and will most probably end up being sued. Your joke should be subtly obvious. South Africa is a goldmine of controversy just waiting to be tapped.

However, you need to ensure you’re on time with what’s currently happening. Don’t bring out a billboard turning an event that took place four months ago into a witty pun. Be on time and on trend.

Be prepared for some backlash

Hey, not everyone’s going to get your joke, especially if it’s controversial so be prepared to receive some backlash.

Can’t handle the heat?

ATKASA will not only come up with a brilliant marketing campaign for your business we also have the resources to deal with any kind of backlash so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve more than enough humour amongst ourselves to share some with our clients. Come on, try it and contact us.

A good joke can ensure your brand gets remembered long after the ad has stopped airing.