Social media was abuzz with pranks on 1 April this year causing surprise, happiness, outrage and even a few tears but the main emotion most people experienced was disappointment. Disappointment that no, there are will be no cars with Velcro seats and no, you won’t be able to taste food by licking your phone.

We have ranked each prank according to humour with 1 smiley face being the worst and 5 smiley faces being the best. Let’s look back on some of the most ridiculous pranks businesses pulled this year.


Hooters – Hooters Island ☺☺☺

Move over Necker Island, Hooters restaurant announced that they have bought their own island which will open in 2018. Here fans of this franchise would have been able to experience all the women, thighs, alcohol and tasty food they could handle. Dream on guys. 😉


Samsung – Smart Jeans ☺☺☺☺☺

Samsung outshined all other mobile technology companies once again when they launched the first ever Samsung Smart Jeans. This pants is said to let you know when your zip is down and reminds you to get up and move around while connecting with other gadgets. Had it been true, it would have been a Jeanius idea. – Never before seen interview with Pablo Picasso claimed to be in possession of an unseen interview with the famous artist, Pablo Picasso, who died over 40 years ago. Sadly, this was just rumour as they did not even bother creating a fake interview. Rumour or not, we still would have liked to have seen a fake interview with the fake Pablo Picasso.


Royal Caribbean – Space Cruises ☺☺☺☺

Attention, Attention all cruisers!! Royal Caribbean Cruises have launched its first space cruise ship which will take cruisers to outer space in 2030. One question, should I pack my sunscreen?


Groupon – Cat readers for sale ☺☺

Looking for some company? Well, Groupon announced that consumers could purchase a cat that will read them a story provided they didn’t get distracted by yarn or the smell of tuna fish. We will give this prank an extra smiley for the cuteness factor.


Metromile – Pay-per-step walking insurance ☺☺☺☺


We all know how risky walking can actually be. You could be run over by a car, sprain your ankle not to mention your worn out shoes. It is an outrage! One which Metromile deviously took advantage of by announcing their new pay-per-step insurance policy. The new app allowed walkers to pay-per-mile for coverage of potential injuries. If this were true, more people would walk.


Uncle Bob’s Self Storage – Selfie Storage ☺☺☺

Looking for a place to store your thousands of selfies and mirror? Uncle Bob’s announced their latest offer, selfie storage where people could store their selfies, cameras, mirrors, selfie sticks and props on April Fools Day. We would have had so much more space on our phones to take even more selfies, #CantThisBeReal???


Open Table – Taste App ☺☺☺☺☺

This is the most revolutionary technological invention of our time! The Restaurant reservation site, Open Table, had invented a “Taste” app which allowed users to taste food simply by licking the pictures of food on their phones. This is certainly our favourite prank of 2016 and deserves 5 smileys. Lol, wonder how many people actually fell for it?


April Fools day may be over but the fun this year is far from over. ATKASA’s humour and enthusiasm is infectious and we have made it our mission to share it with your company in every marketing campaign we present to you. Sign with us now, and your company’s April Fools prank could make the top of next year’s lists. Make a statement and be remembered.