Media Strategy and Buying

What Is Media Strategy?

A Media Strategy determines how, when, and to whom an ad or paid social media ad will be delivered. A media planner examines how a message is supposed to complement a marketing or social media marketing strategy, then devises techniques for getting that message out to the appropriate people in the right places. Helping promote your business on social media.

What is Media Buying?

A method used in paid social media advertising is media buying. The goal is to find and buy ad space on platforms that are relevant to the target audience at the lowest price possible at the best possible moment. Media buying is a strategy that applies to both conventional and digital marketing platforms (television, radio, and print) (websites, social media, streaming). Media buyers, when done correctly, obtain maximum exposure among their target demographic for the least amount of money spent.

Purpose of A Media Strategy

The purpose of a media strategy is determined by the corporate goals. Increasing profit demands and promoting your business on social media. Both corporate goals can be achieved with a detailed and specific media plan that includes distinct timelines and distinct media forms – TV, radio, print, websites, social media, and so on.

During the creative process, all media strategies adopt the same strategy. They must all have unique objectives and target audiences in mind. An approach meant to raise awareness of a certain issue or situation. To improve the frequency with which the message is heard, a mix of media is increasingly necessary. An integrated media plan is another name for this.

Why Media Buying Is Important

Effective media buying entails much more than simply exchanging money for ad space. Media buying teams may build strong connections with media owners, resulting in more reach for less money. This allows marketing teams to enhance conversions and show customers and stakeholders a strong return on investment.

How We Can Help You Stand Out      

The traditional media model has no place in today’s economic, cultural, and technological context. A change in strategy is the only way forward, which is why we have turned our focus toward detailed media strategising and planning and creating effective social media ads. Capitalise on our skills and Let us optimise your marketing efforts.

If you’re new in the game hop onto our #SocialStarter Package and start building your brand.

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#Social Starter

  • Basic Account Management
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 12 Posts per month across
    the 2 platforms
  • Basic Community Management
  • Basic Monthly Reporting
  • More…

#Social Beginner

  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Business Social Media Setup: 2 x Social Profiles
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Daily Social Media Management: 12 Posts PM PP
  • More…

#Social Plus

  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Business Social Media Setup:
  • Daily Social Media Management: 18 x Posts PM per Platform
  • More…
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