How-Andrew-afforded-an-entire-marketing-team Meet Sandra and Andrew. Both own bakeries in Johannesburg. Their businesses are their main source of income and as small business owners, they know that marketing plays a vital role to grow their bakeries and in turn their income. Marketing however is a small part of the logistics behind running a bakery and both parties have to use their time in such a way that nothing gets left behind. When the time comes each month to draw up her marketing budget Sandra sits through the night trying to determine where to cut costs in other divisions of her business. Sandra dreads drawing up her marketing budget. Despite her lack of time to sit down and calculate how to pay for newspaper and broadcasting ads, flyers, brochures – she also needs to try and determine which of the platforms actually translated into sales. Her total cost for these services averages at about R30 000. In addition she has to pay for flyers distributors and other costs that keep popping up. Sandra sacrifices time with her family and has to cancel appointments with clients to drive to the printers, media houses and broadcasting channels. Punching figures into her calculator only to find negatives; makes Sandra negative. Meeting deadlines; print and reprint of brochures and a sky high telephone bill as a telemarketing attempt has just not shown any fruit; or has it ? How much is traditional marketing really adding to her pocket? When it comes to drawing up a budget for the next month’s marketing Andrew is having wine and dinner with a group of prospective clients – clients he received through effective marketing. Andrew has a secret. He has a team of expert marketers doing the work for him. Cross channel and online marketing appealed to Andrew since he first heard about it from a friend. Andrew uses ATKA SA Cross Channel Marketing — a team of experts who work behind the scenes to get his marketing done. At a set rate of R15 000 he receives a package that includes website design, set up of social media pages, graphic design, videos and directories, email send outs and expert advice. Not to mention the SEO Blog Posts and Marketing videos included in his package. The ATKA SA team responsible for his marketing is obsessed with demonstrating return of investment (ROI), and track actual sales as a result of their marketing. Through online marketing Andrew’s bakery has become a household name — thanks to ATKA. This is because ATKA are experts in the field of Online Marketing. They keep up with all the local trends and have made a celebrity out of Andrew. Andrew gets campaign plans and updates on a set basis and his team of experts are a phone call away anytime he needs them. Now would you rather be Andrew or is your business taking the same strain that Sandra’s? Contact ATKA SA Director, Leon Marinus to find out more about what online and cross channel marketing can do for you. Visit or phone 011 024 3847 for more information. * Package-dependant, prices may vary.