Mobile and E-mail Marketing

Mobile & Email Marketing

ATKASA is a leading digital marketing agency with a full range of services, including established, tried and tested approaches to scalable mobile and email marketing.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing approach targeting an intended audience via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and mobile apps on mobile devices.

Email marketing generates leads and prospects through carefully crafted mailer campaigns that help build new relationships with potential clients, or maintain bonds with existing ones.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile & Email Marketing

Mobile and email marketing represent some of the most powerful multi-channel marketing approaches and fit with the objectives of any business looking to bolster leads and prospects.

Emails are more likely to be read on a smartphone device than on a desktop, and for an increasing number of people, their mobile device is their sole means of accessing the Internet and their email.

How much screen time do you spend on your phone compared to your desktop computer? Probably more on your phone since it’s always with you.

Optimising your email for mobile helps you to take advantage of the fact that many consumers who browse online while on the road are looking for local information.

The mobile revolution has forced today’s businesses to fundamentally rethink their email approach. Optimising your campaigns for mobile is critical for increasing campaign opens, clicks, and revenue.

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How To Build A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

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The Importance of a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy

“A 360 digital marketing strategy is a way to ensure that you find out where your customers spend their time online and target them through their preferred platforms…”

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