Mobile And Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is emailing a commercial message to a list of contacts(subscribers) who have expressed a willingness to receive emails from you. Email marketing has been around for years to help us stay in contact and maintain relationships with customers.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing approach aiming at targeting an intended audience via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and mobile app marketing on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices.

Consumers are transferring their attention (and money) to mobile. As a result, businesses are getting in on the action to achieve real multi-channel engagement targets. Content must also be strategic and highly tailored to win and keep the attention of potential consumers.

Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Email Marketing

  • Your Audience Are Mostly Using Smartphones

Emails are more likely to be viewed and read on a smartphone device than on a desktop computer, and for an increasing number of people, their mobile device is their sole means of accessing the Internet and their email. And your opportunity to capitalise on email campaigns.

  • It Provides A Superior User Experience

On a smartphone, an email newsletter built just for the big screen will almost certainly not deliver the best experience for people constantly glued to a small screen. Think about it. How much screen time do you spend on your phone compared to your desktop computer? Probably more on your phone since you’re with it everywhere.

  • Mobile Is Not Complicated

Mobile Internet and email are already mainstream, with most email marketing platforms offering a variety of templates and other tools to assist you to optimise your content for small screens and other devices. It is almost impossible not to capitalise on campaigns.

  • It’s Important for Local Businesses

Mobile marketing is crucial for small businesses, especially with more people searching online for local businesses than ever before.

Similarly, optimising your email for mobile helps you to take advantage of the fact that many consumers who browse online while on the road are looking for local information.

  • Promotions Are More Accessible

Although an email campaign is an awesome strategy to hook your audience with unique special offers, not everyone can devote time to looking over their emails on a desktop computer.

The mobile revolution has forced today’s businesses to fundamentally rethink their email approach. Optimising your campaigns for mobile is critical for increasing campaign opens, clicks, and revenue.

If you don’t start with a “mobile-first” email approach, your communications are likely to go ignored by people you’re trying to reach.

How We Can Help You Stand Out

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, agencies like us have another avenue for growth. These devices are an invaluable means of connecting with consumers that are constantly on the go. The marketing possibilities are endless, with online access and email at our fingertips.

For more on our Marketing Packages related to Mobile and Email Marketing, fill out the Enquiry Form for more info.

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