23 October 2015 Mxit announced that they are shutting down and donating their intellectual property and assets to ‘The Reach Trust’. The Reach Trust is an independent public benefit organisation aiming to transform the lives of the less fortunate by providing them with access to free health, counselling services and education through mobile phones. Their active user base have dropped from 7.5 million (2013) to 1.2 million (2015), according to a statement from Mxit. Mxit initially introduced South Africans to instant messaging. It was a way for people to communicate with one another at a much lower cost than SMSing. Their decline started when Blackberry introduced BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) not to mention their free internet service. People could now chat instantly at virtually no cost. Then, WhatsApp took over the reign when Blackberry decided to cut their free internet service. It’s always difficult to predict the future when it comes to business. David Luis, former head of internal communications at Mxit, stated that they were well aware of the threat of smartphones but were unprepared for how soon cheap smartphones would arrive and the degree smartphones would actually take over. In 2011 they saw a ray of hope when Alan Knott-Craig Jr bought out the company. He brought with him a new spirit and hoped to turn things around. He hosted an Alice in Wonderland-themed party in Stellenbosch at R1 million. Despite his efforts however, their user numbers kept declining. In October 2012 he was forced to step down as CEO evidently due to the lack of user growth and disagreements on how the company should be run. It may be sad but this is a positive step. The Reach Trust is excited to use Mxit’s technology with numerous education projects planned in South Africa. According to Mxit’s statement there are over 500 000 learners accessing educational apps on the platform every month. Rather Mxit gets used for a good cause than it staying on board until it dies completely. The Mobile world is ever changing and we never know? Something new might next drop WhatsApp off the map.