New on Facebook  True to form, Facebook has yet again done some upgrades on their look. Here is what to expect: 1.    Graph Search Graph Search is probably one of the most important features that have been released by Facebook this year. It allows for users to connect with friends on Facebook who share common interests, while also making it easier – previously it was difficult to search information put up by friends on Facebook, because if a person is not browsing their newsfeed while the content is posted, it could be missed. Not anymore! By typing in specific search terms, Facebook will return a list of friends whose posts match the criteria you entered. This open search feature does mean that users will need to be more mindful of what they post on their pages, as well as the limitations of their privacy settings. 2.    New look of newsfeed and timelines The new News Feed on Facebook is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also gives Facebook a clean intuitive look of a high-end interactive magazine. Sports have been revamped to a new navigation bar on the left-hand side where numerous icons (such as Facebook Messenger and Friends) are located. On the right hand side, the new exciting tabs include options for Photos, Music and Gaming. In the centre, news items like photographs, check-ins and events are being presented in a larger, colourful manner than before. The News Feed also provides users with the capability to share news on music they are currently listening to and upcoming concerts of their favourite artists. The biggest benefit of Facebook’s new News Feed is that it allows users to keep better track of friends and limits the chance of missing out on interesting stories. 3.    Facebook Ads Facebook’s News Feed has been modified to allow for paid promotions. If you are running a paid ad on Facebook, you can now view a snapshot of how the ad is doing on your homepage. This new upgrade in ads means that advertisers are now able to pitch users directly from the News Feed as it brings Facebook Exchange-targeted ads to the desktop version of the News Feed. Advertisers now get to advertise in the News Feed – the most engaging place on Facebook. 4.    Interactive Chat The new Chat feature is a lovely touch that adds a layer of interactivity to Facebook’s mobile offering. It allows users to keep a list of conversations going on without having to switch apps. When viewing a friend’s profile, a circular “chat head” appears. A user can tap on the chat head to reply, reposition it on their screen or flick it down to close. No longer do users have to use Facebook Chat in a separate window! There are many different opinions on the recent changes of Facebook, but the best way to find out if you “Like” these, is to check it out for yourself!