personalization in a group of human Icon'sMajor corporates jumped on this bandwagon this year as we saw new technologies like Amazon’s Alexa have been more than successful since their launch. People love feeling like they are important, and when they get that from their favorite brand it builds a bond and more loyalty.

In simple terms, we can define personalized marketing as the implementation of individualized content through data collection, analysis and ever-evolving technology. This has been made possible by data collection. Analytics help you break down your demographics so you are able to cater according to their needs.

Incorporating personalized content from your newsletter to your social media posts can reap you some very impressive benefits like:

  • Boosts Conversions

Because you would have most of the client’s data they will not have to jump through hoops to get what they want, whether the goal is to make a sale or sign up for an event this should be smooth sailing.

  • Consumer Loyalty

Whether it’s a conscious or non-conscious decision, consumers tend to have a loyalty to brands that make them feel like they are the only ones. When loyalty is formed consumers tend to overlook factors like pricing so long as they experience the same quality service and product that they love.

  • Profit

When clients become loyal they are bound to tell someone about it, it can be word of mouth or just a tweet someone will notice. This is then called brand awareness. Through the entire client accumulation it also means you will have a bigger bank balance.

  • Improved Customer Experience

With all the data the brand has collected about their consumers, they are able to then to better their services and products. Evolving is very important in branding although some marketers have an “if it is not broken then don’t fix it” mentality. Consumer needs change on a daily; therefore, it is important for brands to do the same too.

With consumer behaviors changing constantly they expect tailored communication, a better experience, and consistency across channels. Make their buying/decision-making journey a breeze. Investing in a good personalized marketing strategy can be the greatest decision your business will ever make.

The amazing part is that it is easy to measure your efforts, using the right reporting and insight tools you can find out if your efforts are succeeding or not. The most common misconception about this type of marketing is that it is costly but that’s false, with the right software and platforms it is attainable plus if done right the results will outweigh the amount used to market.

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