Online Marketing with Pinterest As online marketing experts we will be the first to say that Pinterest isn’t perfect for the everyday marketer in every industry but it does offer a huge opportunity for most when it comes to lead generation. With almost 70 million users and growing every day you are bound to find a targeted audience which you can market to in a soft manner. Pinterest is a fun and visual driven social network and at the moment there are only 2 ways of generating leads on this platform.  Let us walk you through it real quick. Pinterest lead generation types: Direct Leads – Leads can be generated from Pinterest by content that is posted (Pinned ) that then links directly to a lead page or website. On the landing page you are then able to ask the user for their details ( name, email, mobile number ) in exchange for a free offer, be it a coupon, infographic, eBook or any piece of digital content. Indirect leads – Pinterest can also be used to generate traffic to your blog which is on the path to conversion. For example you can pin related content to your Pinterest which then directs traffic to an article which has a call to action at the bottom of it, your initial pin is directing visitors to that landing page. Now this is by no means the only strategy of lead generation but it is the most effective. Reasons why other tactics are less effective. Links in board and profile descriptions don’t hyperlink, leaving the chance of someone actually clicking through to it to a minimum. Most people are spending their time pinning and do not look at the descriptions or profiles. Most interaction on Pinterest is pinning and re-pinning.  Don’t spend the little time that you have on tactics that will not give you a ROI. Now that you know the 2 lead gen strategies here are some tips to fine tune it to an art! Pinterest is famous for the fact that most of their audience is obsessed with food, fashion and DIY tips. Now you may not necessarily be targeting the first 2 obsessions but there is a huge opportunity to tap into on the last one! Show people how they can make something or give them the tools to do it — no matter what industry you’re in — and Pinterest users will love it. Create pins that users will naturally notice using the stats below. (Curtsey of Tall images get repinned more. Think about it — they get more space in the news feed when people are scrolling, so people have more opportunities to engage with you. In fact, the 2:3 aspect ratio works better than super skinny, yet tall images. Reddish-orange images get 2x the repins as blueish images. Think warm colors, and the leads could start pouring in a bit faster than usual. Brand images without faces get 23% repins than those with faces. So cut the faces out of your images, if possible. (Harsh, I know.) Photos with medium lightness are repinned 20x more than very dark images. So keep it bright, people.   Don’t use shortened links in your pins. Pinterest does warn users that all shortened links could lead to spam, your best bet is to use a simple URL and trying to measure success in other ways( a dedicated lead page for Pinterest?) Add hashtags when relevant Hashtags are a great way to have your content discovered by strangers while they are browsing the social networks. Don’t overdo it though, recent stats show that your content is less likely to be discovered if you use too many tags. ATKA SA Online Marketing Experts have used these exact principals on our client profiles and we have seen great results. Try incorporating these strategies and let us know how it turns out!