Meet the client

Greyhound is currently one of South Africa’s major luxury coach operators carrying more than 1.4 million passengers over 25 million kilometres annually.


Promote Greyhound’s Valentine’s Day competition and show their Facebook audience that #GreyhoundLoves them. Sure thing, we just kicked it up a notch.



The campaign started with voucher give-aways, ads, candy and balloons at their terminals, the usual. So, we decided to do something no other digital agency would ever attempt with a client with a following as massive as this.

We created one Facebook post asking people to comment with a number between 1 and 10 and we (Greyhound) would personally inbox them a special Valentine’s Day compliment. Ludacris? We didn’t think so.



Within 2 minutes, the post saw 120 comments and they kept coming. The post generated 1 212 comments in total. That’s 1 212 personalised inbox messages and 1 212 people who felt very special on Valentine’s Day thanks to Greyhound. Furthermore the post produced 320 Reactions and 129 shares.

Wait a minute. There’s got to be a catch, right? How much did we spend? Not a cent. No lie. This right here is an example of organic reach in its purest form.

This is a little taste of what we can create for your brand.